Art Districts in Orlando 2018

Best Art Districts in Orlando

About Art Districts

History reminds us of the place we have come from and it keeps us focused on where we want to go. Art makes it beautiful. You would be surprised by the number of art shops and little areas dedicated to people who love making and creating any kind of art. From public shows to big graffiti walls, there is a lot to love not only in art but also architectural design.

We have compiled a list of areas where art shines the brightest in Orlando. This is where you find local artists, whether new or established, share their talents of all kinds.

Where are the best art districts and places in Orlando?
The art districts came to be as a way of keeping the photographic photos, sculptures, and artifacts of local artists for future generations.
They have existed for a long time and have been very useful learning centers for new and returning visitors. Over time, art has sprawled into many museum parks and this has become a source of discovering new artists.

  • Massimo art Gallery
  • Downtown Orlando/Church Street District
  • Milk District
  • The District Mills 50

1. Massimo Art Gallery

11062 International Dr
Orlando, FL 32821

It is a great gallery, which offers art and class. There is exceptional artwork to be seen, not to mention the wine selection while you take a walk around the gallery. Overall, viewers get an awesome experience when they visit this art gallery. It is a great spot to relax, drink a glass of wine, and look at amazing artwork.

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2. Downtown Orlando/Church Street District

Orlando, Florida

This is a perfect place to come and meditate on any day of the week as you marvel about the design of this town.  Without a doubt, this historic church street travels your imagination back to the past that dates to the 1800s. This district features a booming nightlife, live entertainment, professional sports, and eclectic mix of fine dining.  There are also very modern restaurants in this area where, if you are riding the SunRail from the central part of Florida, you can stop over to have a bite. Some of these shops are Kres Chop House, Rusty Spoon, Ceviche, and Artisan’s Table.

You can also enjoy a cultural night because of presentations at the Mad Cow Theater. This theater is one of the most popular theaters in Orlando.

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3. Milk District

Orlando, FL 32803

Milk district is quite a premier live venue for hosting touring and local artists. The milk district is frequented by celebrities including Jimmy Fallon and also hungry locals since its inception in 1968. It is the second of the only two fast-food sandwich joints known for roast beef in the United States. For the lovers of fashion, there are unique pieces of vintage clothing, handmade designs, and products from recycled goods, suspenders and ties, hats, wearable art pieces, and other local brands.

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4. Mills 50

1221 N Mills Ave
Orlando, FL 32803

It is one of the main art districts in Orlando. It is actually fashioned as an intersection of Orlando’s creativity and culture. This hub has bars, markets, specialty shops, businesses, restaurants, and a cocktail of artists. There are exceptional electric boxes, dumpsters, and huge surreal graffiti on the walls that make the place all too lively.  There is a perfect combination of places to cater for both lovers of modern times as well as those who appreciate historical ones. As a result, it makes this a very budget-friendly district for you and your family to visit.

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Final Thoughts

Let us know what you think of our list! If you are visiting Orlando and looking for some eclectic artsy areas, this is the guide for you!