5 BEST Bubble Tea Shops Foodies Must Try! ORLANDO

Best Bubble Tea shops in Orlando

Where did Boba come from?

Boba or bubble tea was born out of an impromptu experiment by a tea stall vendor during the summer of the early 1980s in Taipei city of Taiwan and boy has it taken off. As the story goes, one simmering afternoon, a tea vendor out of his curiosity poured tapioca balls in the glass, covering it with shaved ice layer and them filling up the glass with milk tea. The step was unplanned and the portions were decided randomly. At that time, no one knew that this innocuous piece of experimentation will give birth to a drink which will become a rage for future generations.

With time, Boba evolved with much further experimentation by the stall owners, mixing fruit jelly and syrups as a cheap alternative of real fruits. Tapioca balls were substituted with grass jelly egg pudding etc to give different texture and taste to the beverage.

Coming to the original and classy boba, the real deal rests with the preparation of tapioca balls, stipulated time of boiling, and then subsequent cooling before it is poured in the drink. Over boiling can make it squishy and then balls start to stick together. Boiled less than required and get remain hard to chew. So a patient approach is needed to prepare the beverage.
In the US the popularity of Boba is credited to the immigration of Taiwanese people who brought the drink with them.

Let us see which are the local cafes in Orlando prepare the best of boba or bubble tea and can be recommended for a visit. The shops are not necessarily in order of preference.

1. Chewy Boba Company

1212 E Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL 32803

Chewy Boba Company is a pleasant surprise for hard core boba tea lovers. With some nice variations like coffee and Taro Slush, the shop keeps the patrons hooked and makes them come back over and over again. The food and beverage is reasonably priced here. The shop has a regular menu with good options available for your favorite flavor of boba tea. This is a place you must visit

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2. Quickly Boba and Snow

3214 E Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL 32803

The shop has over 50 variations of pearls available with them to spoil the consumer for choice. Open 7 days a week, Boba and Snow can turn out to be your favorite place to enjoy Bubble Tea . The management keeps on adding new variations to the menu and can get you intrigued every time you visit the place. As mentioned by a lot of patrons, the new inclusion of jasmine and rose milk tea has made a lot of customers as loyal patrons of the joint. The decor is colorful to further match up with the colorful drink.

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3. Shaka Shaka Tea House

3934 S Semoran Blvd. Orlando, FL 32822

Opened seven days a week, this place is a reviewer’s delight. Customers have rated this place as A+ for Service, Speed and Taste. As a practice, the management puts a lot of emphasis on natural ingredients used to prepare the food to attract the health conscious people. Apart from the choice of drink available at the store, patrons have also heaped a lot of praise for store set up, seating arrangement, and free wifi, plenty of parking and polite staff. This makes us curious to visit the shop once at least. One never knows, if it turns out to be a happy surprise to make you come back over and over again.

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4. Royal Tea

714 N Mills Ave. Orlando, FL 32803

Royal Tea is slowly and steadily becoming popular among boba tea aficionados for the distinctive flavors it offer to the customers. Some of the popular tea coming out of their kitchen is lychee black tea, jasmine green tea and Peach tea. The tapioca bubbles as many confirmed, is always perfectly cooked and the consistency in taste is a big reason for happy and satisfied customer.

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5. Zero Degrees

5282 W Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL 32808

Currently on a soft launch, Zero Degrees has still managed to attract a lot of customers who swear by the variety and taste of Boba tea available at this place. A unique thing about this place is that they provide you 2 small portions of different flavored tea so that you can savoir their taste at one time. We wish them good luck for the opening and hope to visit soon to relish some amazing boba tea.

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