5 BEST Churro’s Foodies Must Try! ORLANDO

Best Churro in Orlando

Where did the Churro come from?

That crunchy, crispy, and delicious treat that we just cannot stop eating: the churro. There are lots of different theories about their origin and beginning. Most of them agree that they were firstly cooked in ancient China. They used to call them “youtiao” and were mostly used as a breakfast snack. But they were so impressive that the Portuguese, who were actively trading with the Chinese at that time, thought to bring these desserts back to their peninsula. To no one’s amazement though everyone was addicted to them. It was the Spanish who gave them the name we know today, calling them “churro”. The shepherds, who often found themselves in the mountains for days with no access to fresh food, started cooking these while on their duty.
And it was the Spanish people who brought these delicious snacks with them while exploring and conquering the world. They were immediately adopted by Latin America who put their own twist to them. Some countries cooked them a little bigger, some a little denser. Some of them fill them with fruit fillings, while others like to dip them in chocolate before serving. Uruguay even went back to where it started and offered them with melted cheese. The North American ‘churro masters’ like to cook them with cinnamon and sugar.
Churros are still widely famous in Spain and you can find them on streets, cafes or pastries. They are often accompanied by a cup of coffee or some hot chocolate. They are eaten as a late-night after-party snack or as quick on-your-way to work snack in the morning.
Occasions on which they are served also differ in different cultures and countries. While on England friends have started meeting up at churro places, in Portugal, they are often cooked on special occasions. If you like churros as much as we do, check the top places we recommend in Orlando.

1. Churromania

8001 S Orange Blossom Trl
Ste 692
Florida Mall
Orlando, FL 32809

You can find Churromania in the Florida Mall, in the South Orange Blossom Trail. So if you are shopping there, this place is a must stop. While there is usually a line waiting to get their treats, we can assure these churros are worth the wait. There is a variety of choices you can make, but one thing is for sure; their churros are always fresh. You can choose your own toppings such as nutella, chocolate, vanilla etc. The staff is usually very patient and they will explain each and every topping in case you have any doubts.

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2. Choo-Choo Churros

5810 Lake Underhill Rd.Orlando, FL 32807

This place is really warm and directly gives you that country feel. The prices are somewhat on the expensive side, but satisfaction is guaranteed. The menu offers authentic Argentinean food, so if you have never tried it before this may be your next stop. The place is run by a local family and most of the food is produced by the Chef itself. They pride themselves on the excellent and warm service they provide. If you are traveling by car, there’s plenty of parking spots available outside the shop.

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3. Tako Cheena

932 N Mills Ave. Orlando, FL 32803

Don’t be deceived by the name. Yes, this is a taco place, but their churros are bomb. Crispy with crystallized sugar all around every inch. This small shop serves up all sorts of fusion tacos. And it’s best to chase your tasty dinner with a sweet churro. So when you are having that churro craving, think of Taco Cheena as your go to place for that irresitable sweet, crunchy goodness.

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