Best Cigar Shop in Orlando, FL

Best Cigar Shops in Orlando, FL

History of Cigars

The history of the cigar goes back a thousand years. They are thought to have been invented by the ancient Mayans who would wrap the tobacco in either palm or plantain leaves. This is actually depicted in an ancient Mayan pot which shows a Mayan man smoking one of these primitive cigars.

It is thought that Christopher Columbus and his men were among the first westerners to encounter tobacco in recorded history. Local Indians introduced tobacco to Columbus through trade. Smoking caught on and became popular in Spain and Portugal. While most cigars were originally manufactured in Spain, it was not long before the Spanish found that Cuba was the ideal place to grow tobacco. The climate in this country is ideal for growing tobacco, which explains why Cuban cigars have become famous the world over. And thus the race for the cigar started.

What are the best Cigar shops in Orlando & Disney?

A cigar is loosely described as being a tightly wound bundle of tobacco that is ignited so that the smoke can be drawn into the mouth. Here are several reputable cigar shops in Orlando, Florida. We hope you enjoy our list!

  • Corono Cigar Company & Diamond Crown Lounge
  • Belicoso Cigars & Cafe
  • Admiral Cigar Club

1. Corono Cigar Company and Diamond Crown Lounge

127 S Orange Ave. Orlando, FL 32801

Among the largest, best-stocked cigar companies in America is Corona Cigar Company in Orlando, Florida located about forty minutes from Walt Disney World. Corona centers around a lively bar and lounge area. Corona Cigar Company & diamond crown lounge brings an upscale Latin style and flair to the heartland of Downtown Orlando. There are thousands of cigars to choose from ranging from the most basic cigar to rare pre-embargo Cuban cigars.

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2. Belicoso Cigars & Cafe

334 N Park Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789

Belicoso cigars offer a wide range of great cigars. There is always a very warm and knowledgeable staff there to assist and attend to you. Other than cigars, Belicoso also has the best coffee on park avenue, and beer, ports and wine are served as well. There is also a light menu featuring sandwiches, cheese plates, and pastries that are available for patrons to snack in. There is outside seating for smokers but the inside is family-friendly for all.

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3. Admiral Cigar Club

4940 New Broad St. Orlando, FL 32814

This is a very nice cigar lounge located at the heart of the city of Orlando. It is a great place to enjoy simple pleasures such as a good cigar and some good wine or beer. It has wide cigar selection and it is unlikely for one to miss their favorite brand of cigars in the Admiral Cigar Club. It generally has a great atmosphere and the ambiance is specially designed to ensure you enjoy a great experience while enjoying your cigars.

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