5 BEST Coffee Shops Foodies Must Try! ORLANDO

Best Coffee shops in Orlando

You either love coffee or just love the smell as some do, but today we are bringing you some awesome coffee shop options.

Where does coffee come from?

While there are many legends about coffee, no one can rightly say when it was discovered with accuracy. So, we will take a look at different legends about where coffee came from and how it got here.

Ethiopian Legend

The Ethiopian legend has it that the coffee grown all over the world can be traced back to the coffee forests on the plateaus of Ethiopia. The legend claims that Kaldi, the goat herder was the first human to discover the great potentials of this wonderful bean. It was said that this discovery came after Kaldi’s goats eat the berries from a particular tree in the forest and could not sleep that night due to excessive energy. Kaldi was said to have reported his findings to the Abbot in charge of the monastery in his locality, who made a drink from the berries and discovered it kept him alert all through the night and helped him pray for long without falling asleep. As word about this discovery traveled to the east and coffee seeds got to the Arabian Peninsula, the wonder seed began a world tour until it got to every part of the globe.

The Arabian Peninsula Legend

As at the 15th century, coffee had become a popular crop in Yemen, and before the end of the 16th century, it had found its way into Egypt, Persia, Turkey, and Syria. Public coffee parlors and shops began to spring up in cities across the North East to the point that they become known as the School of the Wise, where sensitive information were picked up from. The knowledge of this wonder seed of Arabia and the wine it produced were carried to other parts of the world by pilgrims who came to Mecca annually.

Journey to Europe

Travelers who visited the North East from Europe brought back wonder stories about an amazing black beverage they came across during the course of their journeys. By the end of the 17th century, coffee had made its entrance into Europe and spread to several cities. Some people were skeptical of the new beverage and termed it Satan’s bitter intervention. It generated so much controversy that Pope Clement VIII was begged to intervene in the matter. He tasted the drink before taking any decision and found the drink so energizing that he gave it his papal blessings and approval. Before long, coffee houses sprang all over Germany, Holland, Austria, England and several other places.
Coming to America
In 1714, King Louis XIV of France received a young coffee plant as a royal gift from the Mayor of Amsterdam. The king gave an order that the coffee plant be planted in Paris Royal Botanical Garden. In 1723, Gabriel Clieu, a young naval officer got one coffee seedling from the King’s coffee plantation and managed to transport it safely to Martinique. Once planted in Martinique, the seedling produced more than 18 million coffee trees on the Martinique Island within 50 years. From there it got to South and Central America and the Caribbean.

Today, you can find this amazing beverage at any coffee shop near you no matter where you live. Now, let’s see some great places you can get some of the best brewed coffee in Orlando:

1. The Golden Pod

7653 International Dr. Orlando, FL 32819

A visit to the Golden Pod is sure to bring your taste buds alive as they offer a wide variety of tasty treats from chocolates to cocktails. Their rare collection of coffee and tea is sure to make you wish to make golden pod your choice spot for every meal for as long as you live in Orlando. At the golden pod, you get the best mouthwatering delicacies and very delightful dishes that will send you on an unforgettable journey down the taste lane.

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2. Vespr Coffeebar

626 N Alafaya Trail #105 Orlando, FL 32828

Vespr Coffeebar pride themselves as the Orlando Coffebar that is committed to a never-ending pursuit of creative and amazing sensory experiences by offering you the kind of specialty coffee you have not tasted since you fell in love with this black liquid. They are committed to a daily goal of creating drinks and experiences that can engage your intellect and senses to the fullest extent possible-to enable you experience the beautiful and sensational coffee beverage they offer in the most unexpected way.

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3. Achilles Art Cafe Coffee Shop

2869 Wilshire Dr. STE 103 Orlando, FL 32835

There are several reasons why the Archilles Art Cafe Coffee Shop is more than just another coffee shop in Orlando. A look at their menu will take you through their specialties from where you can choose what appeals to you the most. With over 7 years coffee brewing experience, you can’t afford not to get a good treat when you visit this prestigious coffee shop.

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4. Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar

444 N Bumby Ave. Orlando, FL 32803

The Drunken Monkey is known for their traditional coffee house extras such as weekend music and comedies. If you need a place to get excellent coffee and goo food, you should visit the Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar.
They offer top shelf, organic and fair trade coffee at all times. They pride themselves as the Orlando coffee house that buys the best tasting coffee seeds from different parts of the globe. For all your fresh and organic food choices in addition to the great tasting coffee they brew, you can stop by to see things for yourself. They offer good smoothies, frozen drinks, teas, iced drinks, veggies, grilled wraps, panini, etc. Their fresh tastes will always keep you coming back for me.

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5. Foxtail Coffee Bar

1282 N Orange Ace. Winter Park, FL 32789

Foxtail Coffee Bar is famed to be the best when it comes to offering you the best coffee in Orlando. Undoubtedly the best coffee shop in the Orange Avenue, the beautifully unique and quaint bar with very expansive seating atrium is covered in the most brilliant and beautiful natural light. It is an ideal place for your business and private meetings as you can grab some quick espresso or place order for their syphon brew while you wait for your partner. This is one coffee bar you won’t want to miss their coffee and other treats they offer.

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