5 BEST Crepes Foodies Must Try! ORLANDO

Best Crepes in Orlando

Where do crepes come from?

Crepes are known to have a very fascinating history. Crepes, which originated from a small area in France, were perfected by the French, made into some kind of art, and have become a common dish all over France and other parts of the world. Whether they are sweet or savory they are a delectable treat.

According to history, this delicious French dish originated from Brittany, in the northern part of France. Turning grains into pancakes have always been part of every kitchen meal preparation, but crepes didn’t become a household name until a housewife accidentally spilled some very thin porridge on a very hot stove and that mistake gave birth to the very tasty thin crispy pancakes, which is today referred to as crepes.

The word crepes come from the Latin word “Crispus”, which is used to describe crispy things. Families in France still celebrate February 2 of every year as the day of crisps, a day when folks make crepes in large quantities and eat them for dinner.

However, crepes are no longer for the French alone as you can walk into a number of restaurants in Orlando and other American cities to enjoy your tasty crepes.

Here are 5 prestigious restaurants you can visit in Orlando for the best crepes today:

1. Le Crave Express

861 N Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FL 32828

Le Crave Express is solely dedicated to serving the very best of crepes, teas, and very delicious coffees, and several other great dishes you can’t easily find at your local chain restaurant. The savory crepes Le Crave serves like every other item you find on their menu were originally developed by Le Crave chefs and founders.
When you visit Le Crave, you are sure to experience quick and friendly services from their amiable workers irrespective of your purpose of visit to the restaurant. They offer the best coffee breed believed to have been hand-picked, locally roasted, processed, and delivered to them.
Prominent businesspeople love to meet at Le Crave for their business meetings. So, if you are looking for business connections, Le Crave has the reputation of facilitating your business even as you enjoy their palatable dishes. It is also an ideal place for families, couples, and friends to meet. Le Crave serves signature crepes, coffees, teas, smoothies, and spirits at all hours during the day.

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2. The Crepevine

E State Rd. 436 Altamonte Spring, FL 32714

Crepevine was ideally built to serve as a convenient meeting place for friends, families, professionals, and students. You can be sure to find something you would love to eat on their menu any day despite your food preferences.

Crepevine pride themselves in providing the healthiest, freshest, ingredients, fair-trade coffee, ocean bred Canadian salmon and 100% organic beef from cows. Their vegetables and fruits are believed to come from local growers and farmers. Their dressings and toppings are made from scratch in their own kitchen.

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3. Le Cafe De Paris

5179 Dr. Phillips Blvd. Orlando, FL 32819

Le Cafe De Paris has been providing Orlando residents with the best dishes since they opened their doors to customers in 2007. Founded by two love birds, Chantal and Claude, this restaurant is a good testimony of what a couple can build together if they choose to pursue a common goal. Chantal who once worked in a French bakery brought in her knowledge and experience about French foods, which to an extent helped make Le Cafe De Paris what it is today.

Le Cafe De Paris specializes in offering the finest breakfasts and lunch, crepes, coffee, French bakeries, and the likes. If you are a great lover of French food and fries, Le Cafe De Paris should top the list of your favorite restaurants in Orlando.

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4. Cafe 906

4932 New Broad St. Orlando, FL 32814

If you are looking for either savory or sweet crepes. You must come to Cafe 906 and get your fresh, hot crepes. They will melt in your mouth and cause you to even lick your plate clean. This little shop is located in Baldwin Park, and owned by a French couple. You can even customize what you want as your toppings and the staff will gladly help you pair a good combination. If you are in the area or you plan to make a special trip out to Baldwin Park, Orlando, then you must stop by and have a few crepes.

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