Best Cuban Sandwich in Indianapolis, IN

Cuban, Sandwich
Cuban, Sandwich

Best Cuban Sandwich in Indianapolis

September 2018

About Cuban Sandwiches

Cuban Sandwiches came from Ybor city neighborhood in Tampa believe it not and were fed to Cuban cigar workers as a quick lunch. It consists of 6 ingredients between two Cuban slices of bread; ham, roasted pork, pickles, mustard, and Swiss cheese. The Cuban sandwich became more and more renown in Florida and spread to other parts of the US. 

What is the best Cuban Sandwich in Indianapolis? (Cubano) Since beginning in Florida, the Cuban sandwich has travelled around the world. Here is our top five picks for the Best Cuban sandwich in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • Taste Of Havana Cuban Sandwiches
  • Livery
  • Fitzgerald’s Lunch House
  • Pia Urban Cafe & Market
  • Cafe Patachou

1. Taste of Havana Cuban Sandwiches

815 Broad Ripple Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46220

Taste of Havana Cuban Sandwiches is where you need to go if you are looking for a great Cuban sandwich. Thin bread with generous amounts of meat inside. Of course you can’t forget Cuban style coffee to sip along with your meal. If you have never had a Cuban sandwich, we suggest you try soon! Like now. 

2. Livery

720 N College Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46202

Livery is a great place to enjoy some Cuban food. Aesthetically pleasing plates, they strive to make your visit worth while. They offer a variety of different street food which makes this place a great place to bring your friends and family. 

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3. Fitzgerald's Lunch House

9130 Otis Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46216

Located just outside of Indianapolis, Fitzgerald’s Lunch House is a fantastic sandwich place to grab a quick bite. They offer a wide range of different sandwiches but make sure to get the Cuban! Prepared with the right ingredients, the texture and flavor is made just right. If you are in the area or visiting Indianapolis, defiantly stop by! 

4. Pia Urban Cafe & Market

2834 E Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46201

Whether a study or lunch break, Pia Urban Cafe & Market is the place to hook you up with an amazing Cuban sandwich. Do not overlook the simple ingredients that make this sandwich. The complexity of all of the elements work together in the perfect way. 

5. Cafe Patachou

4901 N Pennsylvania St. Indianapolis, IN 46205

Cafe Patachou is a breakfast and brunch place that keeps all of its customers coming back for more. Their Cuban breakfast is not necessarily a Cuban sandwich but still packed with tons of that Cuban flavor of fried egg over seasoned black beans, rice, white cheddar, avocado, sour cream, and  spinach-jalapeño pesto. Salivating yet?