4 BEST Donut Shops Foodies Must Try! ORLANDO

Best Donuts in Orlando & Disney

A donut or doughnut is a circular piece of fried round dough confection. World over, a doughnut is famous as a sweet snack, that can either be purchased from a local bakery or can be prepared at home. Here we present some interesting facts about the origin of donuts and also 4 top places in Orlando, Florida where you can enjoy the lip-smacking donuts prepared with delicious ingredients. Be sure to let us know if you try them and how you’d rate them.

Whatever the colorful history, these donuts have, they are truly one of the best things ever happened to mankind. These deep-fried, delicious cakes, simmering with cinnamon, sugar dust, and nuts, etc are loved the world over. The world wars were a stimulant for doughnut consumption as it became the most convenient of the food for the soldiers. With a lot of trials and error by a lot of people, we now see the modern-day donut, still, a mystic sweet deep-fried cake, available in a zillion of flavors, ready in the bakery shop next door, waiting to be relished by hundreds of consumer every day and leave them wondering that how exactly, the first donut was created, and who thought of creating the hole in the belly.

1. The Glass Knife

276 S Orlando Ave. Maitland, FL 32751

This place tops our chart. Located in Winter Park, this place claim of making home-cooked donuts. Widely appreciated by patrons for reasonable pricing, amazing atmosphere, and delectable donuts, The Glass Knife is a must-visit if you are a local or visiting Orlando on a business or leisure trip.

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2. Donut King

3716 Howell Branch Rd. Winter Park, FL 32792

The visitors love this place and so do we. This place in Winter Park has some amazing collection of donuts. To name a few, donuts with fruit pebbles, to red velvet and from Oreo flavor to the powdered Bavarian cream donuts. Wow, the names only sound so delicious!! These donuts are fluffy, light, and live up to the name of the place. Donut king has a huge assortment of donuts with varied textures and tastes and highly recommended for a visit.

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3. Bakery Plus

915 E Michigan St. Orlando, FL 32806

Bakery plus spoil the visitors with a really large collection of colorful and tasty donuts options. A nice cozy shop, Bakery Plus has a list of its own loyal patron who does not mind visiting the place to dig in their favorite donuts. Do visit this place when you are around the corner.

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4. Valkyrie Doughnuts

12226 Corporate Blvd. Orlando, FL 32817

Last but not least in our list is Valkyrie Doughnuts.  It’s a preferred food joint for a lot of vegans as well. With all the basic facilities of parking, good sitting place, and payment options, this shop completely fits in our must-visit donut stores in Orlando.

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