5 BEST Food Trucks Foodies Must Try! CHICAGO

Best Food Trucks in Chicago

August 2018

1. The Fat Shallot

77 W Adams St. Chicago, IL 60603

Sam began cooking before he could see over the stove. His career began in Chicago with a long tour of duty at the four-star Everest Restaurant, followed by time in Spain at a three-star Michelin restaurant. Sarah and Sam then traveled throughout Europe and Asia working on small local farms, honing their culinary skills and eating the best street food the world has to offer. New Orleans beckoned as the next stop, where they cooked professionally and developed a deep appreciation of the food and culture of the city. 

2. The Happy Lobster Truck

Pilsen area, Chicago, IL 60608

Our job is to bring you the best, freshest lobster in Chicago.  The lobster we serve is caught fresh everyday in Maine.  Our bread is baked fresh everyday right here in Chicago.  We are confident in our ability to do our job.

Food is about so much more than the act of eating.  It’s about grabbing lunch with a co-worker or catching up with a friend.  It’s about trying new things.  And, of course, it’s about enjoying a terrific meal.  The purpose of the Happy Lobster Truck is to bring people happiness through great food.  From the end of the line to enjoying your lobster roll, from dining at our truck to interacting with us on social media, we will always do our best to put a smile on your face.

3. Snix Snacks

3945 N Springfield Ave. Chicago, IL 60618

4. The Salsa Truck

116 N Aberdeen St. Chicago, IL 60607

5. Piko Street Kitchen

Uptown area, Chicago, IL 60640

Besides the Asian flavors and our unique vessels, what really sets us apart are our homemade marinades and signature sauces. Our marinades are made from family recipes while our sauces are created to compliment each vessel. The flavors from these sauces and marinades are the heart and soul of our food.



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