5 BEST Frozen Yogurt Shops You MUST TRY! ORLANDO

Best frozen yogurt in Orlando & by Disney

Where does frozen ice cream come from?

As the name suggests, frozen yogurt is a frozen dessert made out of yogurt, sometimes mixing with nondairy products and is another option to icecream like sorbet. It is high in tart and low in fat. It is one of the oldest foodstuffs known to mankind. It traces its history to early civilization in Turkey when fermented milk was stored in sheepskin to conserve it. It passed through a lot of evolution across different civilizations. The modern age yogurt was first introduced in the 1970s by HP Hood in New England. Then, it was popular by the name of Frogurt. It later caught popularity with the gym-going fitness crazy guys, who found yogurt as a good alternative to ice cream because of its low-fat content.
It’s a kind of staple diet for people across Europe and is rapidly becoming popular in parts of Asian countries as well as becoming an integral part of the breakfast cereal. World over, frozen yogurt producing companies have launched this dessert in all the imaginable flavors and attractive packaging.
In America, the per capita consumption of yogurt is still much lesser as compared to European countries like France and Germany, but in the last 3 to 4 decades, the consumption has increased exponentially and is still growing which shows the popularity frozen yogurt enjoys because of health benefits attached to it.
Let us now quickly list, five shops which deal in Frozen Yogurt in Orlando, Florida. The listing is completely random and not on a ranking basis.


1. J-Petal

1311 Florida Mall Ave. Orlando, FL 32809

J Petal has chain of yogurt stores and has opened this branch recently. Patrons swear by the quality and taste of yogurt available at this place. The place earns equally good points for the seating area, the staff and overall environment. The icing on the cake is the friendly nature of the owners who personally take interest in the day to day activities. So overall, it’s a highly recommended place to visit when you are in the vicinity.

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2. Menchies Frozen Yogurt

4100 N Alafaya Trail #109, Orlando, FL 32826

This place is open all days and is famous for its Original Tart, Pomegranate, Red Velvet and Iron mist flavor frozen yogurt, to name a few. This is a self serving restaurant. Apart from exotic flavors, this place is also famous for the different kind of toppings it offers for yogurt. They have an interesting customer loyalty program where if one spends a certain amount, they get 10% off. As usual like all the places around this vicinity, staffs are friendly, place clean and the food prices are reasonable. An interesting tip to enjoy your yogurt in a better way— Layer your toppings so that you find them all over the yogurt rather than just on top. So whenever you visit the area, do take out sometime after lunch or early dinner to dig in some delectable frozen yogurt of this place.

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3. Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

4104 Millenia Blvd #102, Orlando, FL 32839

Tutti Frutti is moderately priced kids friendly yogurt shop. With a wide assortment of frozen food available with them, the frozen yogurt counter appears conspicuous by the variety of flavors and interesting toppings. The staffs are quite well spoken and patient with the customers.

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4. Jeremiahs Italian ice

3150 S Orange Ave. Orlando, FL 32806

Reasonably priced, this place which claims to serve food in vibrant fun atmosphere. Jeremiah certainly has one of the best behaving store staff team in the area. They are always smiling and patient even with the most irritating lot of customers around. The yogurt available here is in regular flavors as well as in some exotic ingredient as well much like other places, but what makes it a preferred choice of visit is availability of many options to mix and match your order with different ingredient and toppings. Hugely appreciated by the visitors, Jeremiahs is surely a must visit place, to dig into those diligently crafted yogurt servings.

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5. Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream

3114 Corrine Dr. Orlando, FL 32803

What makes it feature in our choice of places to visit is the way they prepare their menu. So as the name suggests, Kelly’s prepare their food at home, and not commercially like other restaurants. This is a unique feature which gives the food a distinctive taste and has made it popular among patrons. Kelly’s is a moderately priced, retro themed restaurant and visitors love everything about this place. They do not have an indoor seating arrangement except a limited seating area outdoors, but no one complains when the food is delicious.

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