5 BEST Gelato shops Foodies Must Try! ORLANDO

Best Gelato Shops in Orlando

History of Gelato

As the world started becoming more like a seamless global village with the influx of masses across countries, the one thing that traveled along was the local cuisines. In the late ’90s, the Americans tasted the Gelato for the first time, as introduced by Haagen Daaz, but it did not strike a ball with the consumers. Americans loved their scoop of Gelato during their visit to Europe. This trend was picked up by Food giants Nestle and Unilever. They soon realized the rising popularity of the frozen dessert and started backing the introduction of Gelato with the correct marketing strategy. Youngsters and moonstruck cupids were used as a marketing gimmick to introduce Gelato to a larger consumer base. Over a period of time, Gelato is now available at more and more locations in a wide range of flavors. This ice cream alternative is made purely out of dairy, unlike ice cream.

What is the Best Gelato Near Orlando & Disney?

Here we are again, picking our favorite spots in Orlando, Florida. As mentioned earlier, Gelato’s popularity has risen multi fold in recent years, thanks to Nestle and Unilever, Orlando too has now many smaller joints offering distinct flavors of Gelato at reasonable price. It’s a difficult task to pick some out of these joints as each of has its own range of flavors, but still going by the consumers review, variety in flavors and some other criteria, we have listed top 5 places where you can go to tickle your taste bud with the exotic Gelato flavors.

  • Gelato Go Orlando
  • Gelato Fiasco
  • Vivoli II Gelato
  • Gelato La Carraia
  • Cafe Con Gelato


1. Gelato Go Orlando

513 S Park Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789

This place is becoming famous for preparing the Gelato base in house with their own ingredients. The team spends a good amount of time, searching for the ingredient used in each recipe, which is then imported straight away from Italy. It’s very popular among locals for its wide range of flavors in offering. Gelato Go Orlando also has a very strong social media presence and they attract a lot of customers from there as well. Apart from the range of flavors, this place also has polite staffs which are kind of an added advantage. Please visit the place to enjoy your favorite flavor.

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2. Gelato Fiasco

25 W Crystal Lake St. #160, Orlando, FL 32806

This place has more than 20 different flavor options available to keep you satisfied. It’s definitely a place to visit if you have a sweet tooth. A relatively new place, it is gaining popularity very fast among Gelato patrons. Fiasco has always been appreciated by the consumers for the authenticity of the taste which the patrons claim is at par with the original Italian taste. Wow, now that is a compliment. Another feature available at this store is that they have multiple sizes available to serve the dessert which brings in a lot of convenience for the patrons.

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3. Vivoli II Gelato

1600 Buena Vista Dr. Orlando, FL 32830

Located at Disney World Horizons west, Orlando, Vivoli has been like a sweet surprise for its visitors, even for those who are not even addicted to sweets. Its been creating repeat customers for itself and that is a big achievement.

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4. Gelato La Carraia

7600 Dr Phillips Blvd Ste 38 Dr Phillips Orlando, FL 32819

Its owner David has spent a good amount in Italy, thus bringing in a lot of expertise to give the authentic taste and texture to their Gelato. The aroma of the store has been customized to suit the American sensibilities and is off lately becoming popular among visitors in the area.

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5. Café Con Gelato

2950 Aloma Ave Winter Park, FL 32792

Last but certainly not the list, our pick is Café Con Gelato. A little cafe, located near the indoor skiing place. They offer you samples to taste before you buy so that makes the selection of your favorite flavor easy. Do visit them for the exotic peppermint and stracciatella flavors, to name a few.

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