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Hot Chocolate, Orlando

Best Hot Chocolate Shop in Orlando

Where did hot chocolate come from?

We are all familiar with the cravings for a cup of hot chocolate, especially in cold weather or after some winter activity such as skiing. But few of us know about the origins of this beverage and let me assure you, it goes all the way back.

Chocolate beverages can be traced back to the Mayans and the Aztecs. They were creating this beverage by mixing the cocoa beans, chili peppers, and water (there was no sugar back then). When they were conquered by the Aztecs, they were forced to pay taxes in cocoa beans. That’s right. The Aztecs found these beans so astonishing, they started treating it as money. Only the wealthy people would drink this beverage and it was often served in a golden cup. They were very bougie, to say the least.

What is the Best Hot Chocolate shop near Orlando & Disney?

A Fun fact is that as near as 100 years ago, this drink was used to treat stomach ache and some liver diseases. Today it is only used as a beverage and its popularity has grown considerably all over the world. You can find it in almost every coffee shop and even the express machines.

If you want to indulge yourself and sip a hot glass of chocolate, here is a list with the best places you can find in Orlando.

  • The Chocolate Museum & Cafe
  • The Golden Pod
  • Le Gourmet Break
  • Noir Cafe
  • Le Cafe De Paris

1. Chocolate Museum & Cafe

11701 International Dr. Orlando, FL 32821

This place offers a very nice and welcoming experience. Every visitor who comes in is guided by a tour guide who gives specific insights on different events and the history of chocolate. The tour itself is very informative on chocolate and its evolution and you can also find different sculptures and art pieces. Most importantly, the tour ends with chocolate tasting. If you are planning your trip ahead, try to find some coupons as the ticket itself may be a bit pricey.

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2. The Golden Pod

7653 International Dr. #100 Orlando, FL 32819

The Golden Pod is a very nice place found on the International Drive. You can sit outside on the patio or inside the hall. They offer free WiFi so that’s a nice bonus as well. Their menu offers a variety of dishes and desserts, but what we recommend is the golden pod dessert. It’s essentially a golden pod filled chocolate and other fruit fillings.

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3. Le Gourmet Break

150 S Magnolia Ave. Orlando, FL 32801

If you happen to be around downtown Orlando make sure you visit Le Gourmet Break for an authentic French experience. This hidden gem is styled as a typical small cafe. The staff is very kind and helpful so you will not have any problems picking your favorite dish. You can get one of the tasty dessert items along with a cup of hot chocolate. The prices here are moderate and the portions are really generous, so we are sure you will leave satisfied.

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4. Noir Cafe

29 S Orange Ave. Orlando, FL 32801

Noir Cafe is a cozy, trendy cafe found on downtown Orlando. It is right next to an art gallery, so if you are done with checking out the art pieces you may want to give this cafe a try. The staff of the cafe is really friendly and informative so we are sure you will make up your mind. Their food is delicious and it goes so well with a cup of hot chocolate. They also have a walk-up window, so if you’re in a hurry and just want a cup of coffee, you don’t have to go inside and wait in line.

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5. Le Cafe De Paris

5170 Dr Phillips Blvd. Orlando, FL 32819

Le Cafe De Paris is a small and enchanting place located 29 South Orange Avenue. The cafe is pretty crowded as times, but the quality will be worth the wait. The food is really tasty and delicious and the inexpensive prices do not hurt either.

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