Best Macarons in Indianapolis, IN

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Best Macarons in Indianapolis

About Macarons

Fun fact! Did you know that macarons originally had no filling between two cookies? Big gasp. Yes, the cookies that were born in Italy were made without that delicious creamy filling.

What are the best Indianapolis Macarons?

When the French decided to mush two cookies together, little did they know the future was changed forever. We have compiled a list of our top 5 picks where to find the best macarons.

  • The Gallery Pastry shop
  • Rene’s Bakery
  • The Cake Bake Shop
  • Coat Check Coffee
  • HoiTEA HoiTEA

1. The Gallery Pastry Shop

1101 E 54th St
Ste G
Indianapolis, IN 46220

The Gallery Pastry Shop is a fabulous place to pick up some macarons! Although they specialize in other yummy pastries and cheese platters, their macarons are not to be overlooked. The Gallery Pastry Shop is constantly rotating their macarons flavors. Fresh, in-season ingredients are used to make these delectable pastries.

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2. Rene’s Bakery

6524 Cornell Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46220

Rene’s Bakery offers many different types of European style pastries. Customers keep coming back for good reason. With a large selection of macarons, this place will make your eyes go wide. But be careful as their macarons can be addicting. We recommend Rene’s Bakery to anyone craving that little piece of Paris.

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3. The Cake Bake Shop

6515 Carrollton Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46220

The Cake Bake Shop has it all! Set foot into the most gorgeous cake shops in town. Beautiful decor and beautiful dessert all around. It doesn’t stop just there, the macarons even have edible glitter in the cookie. Yes, that’s right. I said glitter! Don’t believe me? You have to see it for yourself. You will be amazed to experience such great flavor in these small pastries. We highly recommend checking out The Cake Bake Shop.

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4. Coat Check Coffee

401 E Michigan St. Indianapolis, IN 46204

Coat Check Coffee specializes in coffee but if you are craving that perfect cup of coffee with your macaron, look no further. Their baked goods are made fresh and the macarons have a crisp shell with a creamy frosting. We recommend this coffee shop to go along with your choice of macaron.

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5. HoiTEA ToiTEA

6283 N College Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46220

HoiTEA ToiTEA is a place you do not want to overlook. There are tea rooms available as well as classes. But more importantly, there are macarons! And if you are looking for a gluten-free option, this where you can find gluten-free macarons!

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Final Thoughts

What do you think of our list? Do you agree? Let us know down below if you have been to any of our top picks or what your top picks are!

Macarons are a very popular pastry and should be enjoyed with a good coffee or tea surrounded by good people. Next time you are in Indianapolis, please keep our list in mind, you won’t be sorry!