5 BEST Pie shops Foodies Must Try! ORLANDO

Best Pie Shops in Orlando

Where did pies come from?

A pie is a sweet dish, made of pastry dough casing that contains various sweet and delicious filling like fruit peels, dry fruit, cinnamon to name a few. Pie is one of the oldest dishes and its history goes back as early as mankind knew how to make the dough and started experimenting with different dishes made out of the dough by baking it or stuffing it with available ingredients. It was one of the best inventions obviously. A pie is not necessarily a sweet dish. The Romans used to stuff their pie with a different kind of meat and seafood and spiced with pepper salt. Many in the US think Pie as an American dish, made popular during thanksgiving.

What the best Pie shops Near Orlando & Disney?

A very interesting fact about Pie is that because of its crusty top, they were used to preserve food for the winter months. So even though we have lots of Pie variations available in the market, the most famous and well known is Apple Pie. Even though the dish is very popular in America, the original recipe traces its origin in England. Modern age Pie has stuffing from Apples to avocados, pumpkins to cherries, and citrus food to banana. Here we go with our top four picked restaurants that serve Pie in Orlando Florida. Read the reviews and whenever you are in the area, do visit at least a couple of them if you have a sweet tooth.

  • P is for Pie Bake Shop
  • Ceders Bakery
  • The Proper Pie Company
  • Se7en Bites

1. P is for Pie Bake Shop

2806 Corrine Dr. Orlando, FL 32803

The most popular Pie’s on the menu are Pecan Pie, Egg Potato and Cheese Savory breakfast Pie. Customers swear by the crispy and perfectly seasoned crust of the Pie. The filling is perfect and the food is just right for the price paid. People with a sweet tooth, they have Pie’s for you too, such as, with fruit stuffing like Apple and strawberry pie’s. These are obviously the most preferred choices by the customers. Apart from the food, visitors love the ingenious concept of the store, presentation of the food and the moderate price of the food. Do visit to savor the food, this place is not going to disappoint you for sure.

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2. Cedars Bakery

4704 L B McLeod Rd. Orlando, FL 32811

The food is relatively inexpensive as compared to the other shops and is regularly visited by the locals. The food served is tasty and that makes customers come again. Apart from the yummy food, serving staff is very polite and welcomes the guest with a smile on the face.

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3. The Proper Pie Company

145 Ridge Center Dr. Davenport, FL 33837

This one is about 40 minutes south of Orlando, but so worth the drive. They specialize in preparing Savory Pies and UK Bread and Pork Pie. Part of a British Deli chain, the store is very classy and heavily tilted with the English way of preparing ingredients for the food.

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4. Se7en Bites

617 N Primrose Dr
Orlando, FL 32803

Moderately priced, the restaurant has a daily set menu as well as weekly specials. Food servings are big and filling and the menu Customers love the food and we recommend this as a must visit place to tickle your taste buds. And we mean that. This is one spot you won’t want to miss.

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