5 BEST Ramen Foodies Must Try! MIAMI

Best Ramen soup in Miami

Where did Ramen come from?

When you think of Ramen, I bet you Japan comes to mind. The idea of ramen noodles was taken from Shina Soba which is essentially Chinese wheat noodles. Chinese immigrants in the late 19th and 20th century introduced the ramen in pork broth to Japan. And the rest is history.

What is the best Ramen in Miami Florida?

The most popular toppings on ramen soup are green onion, seaweed, egg, pork, bamboo, and many others. By far, one of the most popular foods around. Ramen has stolen the hearts, or stomach of many around the world. If you are looking where to find some amazing ramen, we have selected the top 5 places to try these Japanese soup.

  • Ichimi
  • Shimuja
  • GoBistro
  • Lan Ramen-Ya
  • Baby Jane

1. Ichimi

2330 Salzedo St. Coral Gables, FL 33134

Ichimi pride themselves in serving great ramen, izakaya, and Asian fusion. Whether you like pork belly or vegan and vegetarian options, this place is for everybody. Customers keep coming back for the Tonkotsu beef ramen and the fried oysters buns. Whatever the occasion, rain or shine, ramen is always a great idea.

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2. Shimuja

4921 SW 148th Ave. Davie, FL 33331

Shimuja is located about 40 minutes outside of Miami, but we have decided it is still worth the trip. The interior of this place is chic and modern and the food looks amazing too. The soups can be made vegan if you request, or enjoyed with a meat of your choice. You must check out this place if you have a craving for ramen!

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3. GoBistro

2035 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, FL 33020

GoBistro carries a variety of cold appetizers and ramen. They are very popular and well known for their ramen. They offer unique foods such as avocado fries and donuts on a stick. Like come on, can you say yum? Come to GoBistro for a complete appetizer to dessert dinner.

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4. Lan Ramen-Ya

357 Alcazar Ave. Coral Gables, FL 33134

Lan Ramen-Ya has won the taste buds of many customers. Located a few blocks from the beach, this spot is the perfect place to eat ramen on any given occasion. They offer pork, beef, and vegetarian style broths and cater to everyone’s needs. And if you’re not feeling ramen, they have a variety of different foods to suit your mood.

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5. Baby Jane

500 Brickell Ave. Miami, FL 33131

Baby Jane offers a few ramen soups but each packs a punch of flavor. Made with traditional Japanese noodles, they offer pork or “kombu” (vegetarian) stock. The atmosphere is very trendy and cozy. So if you feel like going to a fancier ramen place, this is the place to be!

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