Yuzu, Best Sushi Restaurant in Chicago, IL


About Yuzu

Are you still looking for the best sushi restaurant in Chicago?! Look no further, you’ve come to the right place!

I have been here more than twice and with confidence, I can say that this place really loves their customers. They treat everyone with respect and even if you don’t have a reserved table, they will still try to seat you between reservations. With the respect they show their customers, you know they are putting the same time and effort into their food. So everyone gets a chance to eat at Yuzu.

The atmosphere in this little restaurant located in Ukrainian Village is very trendy. It’s where a lot of young people go to have a good time, eat good food, and have rap music in the background make up the rest of the vibes.

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A little back story

I was in Japan in 2016 for a short business trip. I couldn’t believe I was in Japan, the place where sushi was born. A bit taken back at the variety the restaurants offered, sushi rolls were actually more of an american thing. Of course, the idea of a sushi roll in Japan is as simple as nori, rice, and fish. But I wanted my Godzilla roll and I don’t think that is a thing in Japan.

Anyways, long story short, we were engulfed by the Japanese culture and food trends and before we knew it, we were only ordering sashimi and nigiri like pros. So that it where our appreciation for fish and rice began.

Now by this time, we have been to many different sushi restaurants. And have a good sense of what nigiri is suppose to taste and look like. And I was eager to try Yuzu.

Here is the breakdown:

Salmon, Zuke Sake, Yuzu Albacore, Super White Tuna Nigiri: 5 out of 5! Where do I begin?! The rice was just the right temperature, with just the right amount of sweetness and tartness. The fish was given in generous portions (As shown above). And right in between the rice and fish was a tiny bit of wasabi paste. This step is vital because this elevates the flavor to another level. Every time I took a bite, I sank in my seat, closed my eyes and gave my taste buds the full experience. The fish just melts in your mouth, that’s how good the fish was. Disintegrates, gone. All of them were so good.

Dragon Ball Yuzu Jumbo Roll: 5 out of 5! Holy cow. The art that comes along with the sushi is unreal! Not only do they decorate your plate with some amazing art, the sushi rolls are delicious.

Uni shot: 5 out of 5! Yo, if you haven’t tried an Uni shot, I suggest you come try it here. It will definitely set the bar high. I was surely blown away by this small shot. It went down very smoothly and I honestly thought I was eating frosting from a cake, just because it was super creamy.

Robata: 5 out of 5! I love these little skewers, they remind me of Japan. My favorite was beef short rib. It was so tender and juicy, the seasoning was perfect, and the flavor packed a punch. You really can’t go wrong with these small skewers, but the beef short rib exceeded my expectations and was very pleasing.

Final thought

Overall, my score of this restaurant is a solid 5. This is a place I would travel to even if I lived in another state of even country. The prices are fairly low and you can get a lot of food while still keeping your wallet happy. I would totally recommend coming here for lunch or dinner, because you won’t be disappointed!

If you have any favorite sushi restaurant, please let me know down below! I would love to hear what your 5 star restaurant is!