5 BEST Tea Houses You Must Visit! ORLANDO

Best Tea Houses in Orlando

Where did tea come from?

           A tea house, from the name itself, is a place in which people go when they want to have a cup of tea, sometimes even combine it with other activities. Culture is a big factor on how these tea houses are designed and even for their general purpose. As different kinds of teas became popular through time, they slowly started to get bigger than just a drink to order with your meal. Slowly a whole culture began to form around tea itself, and so were the tea houses born. And as tea started to get consumed more and more, people started to build more and more tea houses.

          Their shape and form differs considerably, as do the occasions on which tea is drank. This is mainly observed between different cultures. In some places such as Japan, tea is used in formal ceremonies, while in other places such as England, it is often served with a snack to relax from a long day at work or shopping. The difference between cultures can also be observed on the different kinds of buildings that are used as tea houses in each of these places.

What are the best tea houses near Orlando & Disney?

In Orlando, tea is mainly served on the afternoon. So if you are at it and you are looking to spoil yourself with a nice relaxing cup of tea and some small snacks you have come to the right place. Below you can find a list with the best Tea Houses you can find in Orlando.

  • The Tea Room Experience
  • Garden View Tea Room
  • KrungThep Tea Time
  • Shaka Shaka Tea House

1. The Tea Room Experience

420 E Church St. Orlando, FL 32801

Whether it’s a social event or a birthday party, The Team Room Experience covers it all. The atmosphere is really warm and goes hand in hand with the wonderful decor. Be warned though! This is the kind of place that you need a reservation, otherwise you may not find a free table. The snacks and sandwiches are mouth-watering and there is a wide range of teas you can indulge yourself and relax. The place is also really kid-friendly as there is so much stuff to watch and do.

2. Garden View Tea Room

Located inside the Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, the Garden View Tea Room is an elegant spot overlooking the garden and the pool of the Grand Floridian Resort. Be prepared to make a reservation before going there because the place is booked most of the times. The menu features a really wide range of choices and you are free to choose from fixed price courses which usually feature 3 servings to your own tea choice and desserts. The place is known for the really warm atmosphere and the delicious desserts. This is a really nice place if you want to take a small break from the parks and relax a little before starting up again.

3. KrungThep Tea Time

1051 W Fairbanks Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789

Located along the Fairbanks Avenue, KrungThep Tea Time is not that big of a place but certainly full of taste. KrungThep is another name for Bangkok, which is why here you will find a delicious mix of traditional and modern Thai dishes. The house offers a wide range of teas, sandwiches and desserts. Unlike some other places, the decor will strike you as minimalist and contemporary. The staff is super friendly and you can also find a parking spot outside if you are not walking by foot. This is certainly a place that you will have a fun time and want to visit again.

4. Shaka Shaka Tea House

3934 S Semoran Blvd. Orlando, FL 32822

You can find Shaka Shaka Tea House along the Semoran Boulevard. It is a very clean and sleek place and the staff is really nice. All the drinks here are natural and are supposed to be good for your health, so that’s a big plus. The staff is really friendly and the service is known to be quick. Other than teas, Shaka Shaka is known for their fruit smoothies and they let you decide the sweetness level too! There is a big parking spot outside, but the place is somewhat crowded because of the Publix and Walmart which can be found nearby.


714 N Mills Ave. Orlando, FL 32803

ROYALTEA is one of the best spots you can find in Orlando. Whether you are looking for a delicious green tea, the cheese foam or the mousse milk tea (their special) you can be sure you will get satisfied as they all taste great. The atmosphere is nice and friendly and the staff will make sure to make you feel comfortable. The menu doesn’t boast many choices but they are all unique.

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