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5 BEST Crepes Foodies Must Try! CHICAGO


Crepes are thin pancakes that originated from France. They are usually filled with some sort of filling and rolled or folded up for easy bites. They can be sweet, savory, or anything in between.

Did you know that crepes can be sensitive to high cooking temperatures and blister, causing the texture to be off and unpleasant? So it is important to keep the crepe at an appropriate temperature for that delectable texture.

What are the best Crepes in Chicago?

The beauty of a crepe dish is that it can be made sweet or savory. Many agree that a crepe is one of the most versatile dishes out there. And while they can be bought at a pastry shop or restaurant, they can be made in the comfort of your own home.
Below we have picked out our top 5 picks of the best places for crepes in Chicago area:

  • The Crepe Shop
  • La Creperie
  • Iguana Cafe
  • FLiP Crepes
  • Bistro 6050

1. The Crepe Shop

2928 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60657

The Crepe Shop is on top of the list for good reason. Located on a busy street of Chicago, this place lives up to the hype it gives. The menu has both savory and sweet fillings, with the option of a gluten-free crepe. They use the freshest ingredients and unique combinations such as truffle and honey for complex flavors. Longing to grab a crepe? Come here, you won’t regret it.

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2. La Crêperie

2845 N Clark St. Chicago, IL 60657

La Creperie offers a variety of different flavors such as chicken curry and a ratatouille inspired crepe. The portions are on the larger side so bring a friend to share with. And if weather permitting, the patio is a great place to enjoy your meal.

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3. Iguana Café

517 N Halstead St. Chicago, IL 60642

Iguana Cafe has a very European feel, from the music to the crepes and style of crepe. Apparently there is a style of crepe. While not too thin and not too thick, it is the perfect ratio to the filling. The cafe is very laid back and hard to miss. It is also open pretty late for those die-hard crepe lovers.

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4. FliP Crepes

131 N Clinton St. #12 Chicago, IL 60661

FliP Crepes are perfect for breakfast. Order a cracked egg into your crepe with ham, bacon, cheddar cheese, and pepper, and you will be in heaven. The fun doesn’t stop there, they have what is called a crepe wrap, and the portions are no joke. In the area? Hope to try their yummy selections.

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5. Bistro 6050

6050 W Irving Park Rd. Chicago, IL 60634

Bistro 6050. Ah, the last on the list but certainly not to be ignored. Highly rated, this place is booming for a good reason. Some items on the menu are served with ice cream which will make you want to die and be revived again. Don’t miss out on these delectable crepes!

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The Crepe Shop, Chicago, IL | Did I LAV It?

Crepes, Shop, Chicago

The Crepe Shop

Crepes, Crepes, Crepes!

Who doesn’t like crepes?! If you are looking for a delicious place to enjoy some crepes, look no further. Located on 2928 N. Broadway, in the heart of East Lakeview, you will find this amazing crepe shop. As soon as you come in through the doors, a whiff of newly made crepes will fill your nostrils. The freshly made coffee will wake you up and the atmosphere will surely make you smile.

The menu has both savory and sweet crepes which are perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Honestly, any part of the day is a great time to head over and get a delicious treat. The Crepe Shop offers gluten-free crepes, as well as vegetarian options. The owners of this place continue to grow its menu and add new delicious items.

Whether it’s hot or cold, rain or shine, a crepe is always appropriate to indulge. Don’t forget your table manners, as it may be very tempting to lick your plate clean when you’re done. But if you must, make sure no one is looking.

Here is what I ordered:

Fromage A Trois:

From the creamy cheese inside to the crispy cheese on top, the textures of both worlds make it quite delightful. Then garnished with watercress and radish for a grand finale. I thought this crepe was exceptional and would defiantly recommend this dish to my cheese lover friends.

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Ham and Cheese

Continuing with the love of cheese, we have our Ham and Cheese crepe. Yes ladies and gents, topped with an egg. A breakfast favorite and dinner winner, all in one. This classic crepe takes me back to France, it’s that good! Also, pair this dish with your favorite coffee drink and you will not regret it.

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Honey and Truffle

Next is the Honey and Truffle crepe. It’s both sweet and savory with a flavor combination that takes you to cloud 9. Just look how amazing this crepe looks! It is made with fontina, honey, truffle oil, arugula & candied pecans.

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Lemon Curd

When life gives you lemons, make lemon curd crepes. The sweet and bright flavors of this dish are perfectly balanced. The poppy seeds add texture and elevate the essence of the lemon curd flavor. If you like lemon bars, you will surely love this crepe!

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Wild Berry Cheesecake

I love this crepe so much, one of my favorites! The wild berry sauce in the crepe is very sweet, made with blueberry, raspberry, blackberry coulis, and cheesecake filling. I must say, cheesecake is better in crepe form than it is in cake form.

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sweet, savory, crepes

Did I LAV It?

The Crepe Shop has everything I need; coffee, crepes, and a good atmosphere. What else does a girl that loves crepes need?

I am impressed with the quality of ingredients and the care shown in plating these amazing dishes. It certainly surpasses my expectation as I LAV crepes. You know it’s a good crepe day when you go to The Crepe Shop in Chicago. I would give this restaurant a 5/5 rating.

Just a side note: they have added a new item recently; Turkey and Spinach crepe. Doesn’t that sound divine?! So be sure to keep a lookout for new flavors.

OK, I bet you are drooling at this point now. What are you doing still staring at the screen? Go to The Crepe Shop! Try out these scrumptious crepes and let me know what you think!

Want to know where to find the best crepes in Chicago?

Best Golf Course in Miami, FL

Golf, turf, golf ball

Best Golf Courses in Miami

Where did Golf come from?

Golf is both a recreational and a sport and can be traced all the way back to Scotland in the mid-1400s. Later on, the game was modified from 22 holes to 18. And became on the rise in popularity among the upper-class people. Today, golf can be enjoyed by many in mini-golf, at the golf course, or at a putting range.

Fun fact: did you know that on a hot day, a golf ball travels much further due to the air being less dense and takes less velocity to travel.

Below we have picked out our top 5 golf courses in the Miami area, so get ready to hit two birds with one tee shot!

1. Miami Beach Golf Course

2301 Alton Rd. Miami Beach, FL 33140

Read Ed W.‘s review of Miami Beach Golf Course on Yelp

2. Crandon Golf at Key Biscayne

6700 Crandon Blvd. Key Biscayne, FL 33149

Read Adam L.‘s review of Crandon Golf at Key Biscayne on Yelp

3. Trudeau Golf

1210 Anastasia Ave. Coral Gables, FL 33134

Read Dilshat E.‘s review of Trudeau Golf on Yelp

4. Normandy Shores Golf Course

2401 Biarritz Dr. Miami Beach, FL 33141

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5. The Blue Monster

4400 NW 87th Ave. Miami, FL 33178

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Top Things to do in Miami, FL

things to do, activities, miami

Top Things To Do In Miami

In 1896, the city was incorporated and named “The City of Miami” with only 444 citizens and now it’s over 400.000. The city had much work involved such as draining canals, power, and water systems were beginning to come along. The city almost seemed to be built overnight. Of course with building and growing a city, it comes with a hefty price. But this brought more and more tourists and attracted the rich and famous to live in this lush city. Over the years, the percent of visitors each year increase and will keep rising.

If you find yourself bored on the beach, check out this list we have compiled for the curious and adventure-seeking individual.

What are the top things to do in Miami?

When you go on vacation, you typically think of the beach, but we have created a shortlist of our top 10 picks, non-beach things to do in Miami. Whether you are traveling with kids or not, these activities are great for everyone!

  • Vizcaya Museum & Gardens
  • Wynwood Walls
  • Room Escape Miami (Fox in a Box)
  • TopGolf
  • Thriller Miami Speedboat Adventure Tours
  • Miami Zoo
  • Monkey Jungle
  • X-Treme Rock Climbing
  • Oceans Flyboarding & Jet Ski Rental
  • Oleta River State Park

1. Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

3251 S Miami Ave. Miami, FL 33129

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens is one of Miami’s most popular attractions year-round. The beautiful 43 acres of lush landscaping, gardens, and house make this a worthwhile trip!

Read Heather K.‘s review of Vizcaya Museum & Gardens on Yelp

2. Wynwood Walls

2520 NW 2nd Ave. Miami Beach, FL 33139

Wynwood Walls is a really cool place to visit to appreciate some awesome street art. They switch up the art pieces yearly and have artists all around the globe come and show off their skills. Admission is free and is open year-round, so what are you waiting for? Check out this only outdoor art park for some inspiration and admiration.

Read Taylor J.‘s review of Wynwood Walls on Yelp

3. Room Escape Miami by Fox in a Box

28 SE 1st St. Miami, FL 33131

Escape rooms are becoming more popular nowadays. It is a physical adventure game, which is attracting many people by the day. There are clues and riddles to be solved within a window of time, and different themes you may choose such as escaping a prison cell. It is a fun way to learn and work as a team to beat the ticking clock. So you best put on your thinking cap!

Read Elizabeth T.‘s review of Room Escape Miami by Fox in a Box on Yelp

4. Topgolf

11850 NW 22nd St. Miami, FL 33172

Topgolf is a great way to unwind a busy day and enjoy some food and drink while playing golf. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to play golf, this is fun for all skill levels!

Read Jenny M.‘s review of Topgolf on Yelp

5. Thriller Miami Speedboat Adventure Tours

401 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33132

Thriller Miami Speedboat Adventure Tours is adrenaline-rushing fun! Speed around the port of Miami and see different houses celebrities lived in! Expect to get wet and have a blast because this is one tour you won’t forget.

Read Suzy W.‘s review of Thriller Miami Speedboat Adventure Tours on Yelp

6. Miami Zoo

12400 SW 152nd St. Miami, FL 33177

Miami Zoo is a great activity for ages 0-100. Bring your protective wear from the sun because the beating sun is no joke in the summer. If you plan to visit, be prepared to walk a lot of rent a bicycle to get around much quicker.

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7. Monkey Jungle

14805 SW 216th St. Miami, FL 33170

If you haven’t had enough of the Miami Zoo animals, then make this your next stop because this will complete your animal fix. Upon walking in, you will feel like you are in a jungle. a bit pricey but worth every penny.

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8. X-treme Rock Climbing

13972 SW 139th Ct. Miami, FL 33186

Love rocking climbing and want to spend the day re-energizing in A/C? This is the place to enjoy 5 industrial units that have been reconstructed to fit the rock climber’s passion.

Read Stanley H.‘s review of X-treme Rock Climbing on Yelp

9. Oceans Flyboarding and Jet Ski Rental

1099 MacArthur Causeway, Miami, FL 33132

Ever wanted to feel like Iron Man for the day? Then this is the spot to feel like a superhero. Oceans Flyboarding and Jet Ski Rentals offer a fun and safe experience, so taste the salt life because you won’t regret it.

Read Corion L.‘s review of Oceans Flyboarding and Jet Ski Rental on Yelp

10. Oleta River State Park

3400 NE 163rd St. North Miami Beach, FL 33160

Oleta River State Park offers many different activities for those who love adventure. Bikes, kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards can be rented out, as well as overnight cabins if you want to spend the night. Come enjoy the peaceful nature of Miami, this will surely cause you to see the city in a different way.

Read Monica G.‘s review of Oleta River State Park on Yelp

Let us know what you think!

Did you pick out an activity to do? Let us know below where you went and how was your experience! If you plan to be outside, be sure to have sun protection and the appropriate gear needed to enjoy your activities. We recommend a hat to shield you from those powerful rays.

Don’t forget to have fun and let us know what you think of our list!

5 AMAZING Beaches in Miami, FL

Beach, Vibes, Palm Trees

Best Beaches in Miami

You are here because you are looking for a relaxing day to spend at the beach on your day off, weekend, or vacation, right? Here are some of our top picks of the best beaches to visit in Miami for a relaxation day or a day full of family fun.

1. City of Sunny Isles Beach

18070 Collins Ave. Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160

City of Sunny Isles Beach makes the top of the list for good reason. The beach is just breathtaking with clear water, white sand, and high rise buildings along the beach. While it is open to the public, it is not particularly a touristy beach.

Read Libna F.‘s review of City of Sunny Isles Beach on Yelp

2. South Beach

Miami Beach, FL 33139

South Beach can get crowded and touristy but nonetheless it is a must-visit if you are looking for a beach to sit back and relax. The calming waves swooshing back and forth will soon make you forget all your troubles. Parking can be painful and traffic is no joke, so taking an Uber or Lyft might be your best option. But when you get to the beach, be sure to enjoy the silky sand and amazing beach drinks.

Read Lisa C.‘s review of South Beach on Yelp

3. Keating Beach

1175 S Surf Rd. Hollywood, FL 33019

If being around people overwhelms you and you’re stuck looking for that hidden gem, quiet beach, this is the one! Plenty of parking, as well as bathroom access, is a huge plus. It is family-friendly and overall a very clean beach. So bring your loved ones and a camera to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Read Mary Ann C.‘s review of Keating Beach on Yelp

4. Haulover Park

10800 Collins Ave. Miami, Beach, FL 33154

Dog lovers, this one’s for you! While this Beach offers a variety of different activities such as fishing and cycling, dogs are welcome to enjoy every bit of your day too. BBQ is allowed at the park, just bring your own charcoal. And if you are feeling daring, there is a nude beach at the north end. If you are coming with kids, you might want to avoid that area.

Read Cindy V.‘s review of Haulover Park on Yelp

5. Miami Beach

405 15th St
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Defiantly a beach you want to visit if you are in Miami. This beach has a great vibe, lots of palm trees, and a variety of different restaurants. That concludes our top 5 picks, but certainly, whatever you prefer, this beach will not disappoint.

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5 BEST Ramen Foodies Must Try! MIAMI

Ramen, soup, chop sticks

Best Ramen soup in Miami

Where did Ramen come from?

When you think of Ramen, I bet you Japan comes to mind. The idea of ramen noodles was taken from Shina Soba which is essentially Chinese wheat noodles. Chinese immigrants in the late 19th and 20th century introduced the ramen in pork broth to Japan. And the rest is history.

What is the best Ramen in Miami Florida?

The most popular toppings on ramen soup are green onion, seaweed, egg, pork, bamboo, and many others. By far, one of the most popular foods around. Ramen has stolen the hearts, or stomach of many around the world. If you are looking where to find some amazing ramen, we have selected the top 5 places to try these Japanese soup.

  • Ichimi
  • Shimuja
  • GoBistro
  • Lan Ramen-Ya
  • Baby Jane

1. Ichimi

2330 Salzedo St. Coral Gables, FL 33134

Ichimi pride themselves in serving great ramen, izakaya, and Asian fusion. Whether you like pork belly or vegan and vegetarian options, this place is for everybody. Customers keep coming back for the Tonkotsu beef ramen and the fried oysters buns. Whatever the occasion, rain or shine, ramen is always a great idea.

Read Anastasia B.‘s review of Ichimi on Yelp

2. Shimuja

4921 SW 148th Ave. Davie, FL 33331

Shimuja is located about 40 minutes outside of Miami, but we have decided it is still worth the trip. The interior of this place is chic and modern and the food looks amazing too. The soups can be made vegan if you request, or enjoyed with a meat of your choice. You must check out this place if you have a craving for ramen!

Read Adele R.‘s review of Shimuja on Yelp

3. GoBistro

2035 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, FL 33020

GoBistro carries a variety of cold appetizers and ramen. They are very popular and well known for their ramen. They offer unique foods such as avocado fries and donuts on a stick. Like come on, can you say yum? Come to GoBistro for a complete appetizer to dessert dinner.

Read Jc G.‘s review of GoBistro on Yelp

4. Lan Ramen-Ya

357 Alcazar Ave. Coral Gables, FL 33134

Lan Ramen-Ya has won the taste buds of many customers. Located a few blocks from the beach, this spot is the perfect place to eat ramen on any given occasion. They offer pork, beef, and vegetarian style broths and cater to everyone’s needs. And if you’re not feeling ramen, they have a variety of different foods to suit your mood.

Read Alicia W.‘s review of Lan Ramen-Ya on Yelp

5. Baby Jane

500 Brickell Ave. Miami, FL 33131

Baby Jane offers a few ramen soups but each packs a punch of flavor. Made with traditional Japanese noodles, they offer pork or “kombu” (vegetarian) stock. The atmosphere is very trendy and cozy. So if you feel like going to a fancier ramen place, this is the place to be!

Read Howard F.‘s review of Baby Jane on Yelp

Sushi-San, Chicago, IL

salmon, raw, food


Located near North Chicago, Sushi-San is a hot spot for sushi and omakase. As soon as you walk in, you will feel a laid back atmosphere. I chose to check out this place with high hopes it would match the hype it held. Here are some of the items I tried and their ratings.

So here is the breakdown of what I ordered:

Roasted Edamame: 5/5. Hands down the best edamame I have EVER had! This was a new technique I haven’t seen before. They char grilled the edamame with a hint of sesame oil. It elevated the flavor to another level. You MUST order these the next time you choose to venture out.

Sushi-san, sushi, edamame

Crispy Ginger and Salmon roll: 4.5/5 Very nice roll! Crunchy texture, and flavorful. The ingredients worked well and for each other. Made with Faroe Island salmon, and pickled lotus root.  (Below on the left)

Chicago, Sushi

Otoro-Otoro Nigiri 5/5
If you are to splurge on nigiri, you MUST get the otoro -otoro. Yes, the double otoro! That fish literally melts in your mouth! A bit on the pricey side, you will not regret it once you take that bite. The rice of the nigiri is sweet, just how it’s supposed to be. Each fish has wasabi paste under it to act as a glue and level up the flavor.

Otoro Nigiri: 5/5. The Otoro is great too! Fresh and very fatty.

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Red Snapper Nigiri: 5/5. Mild in flavor, and very delightful.

Hamachi Nigiri: 4/5. A bit more fishy than the red snapper, but still nice flavor.

Salmon Nigiri: 4/5 Soft and tender, very mild.

Uni: 5/5 And the last is Uni. This is some quality uni, very sweet, and creamy and a slight bitterness at the end. It was so good I had to go for round two.

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Emochi: 5/5. If you are still itching for dessert, the mochi balls are delicious and complete the dinner. I mean, look at these mochi balls! Have you seen anything like it?!

chicago, emochi, mochi

Final thoughts

Came here hungry, left happy. I had a positive experience and the food was fantastic. This is definitely a place I would come again and again. If you are in the area, do yourself a favor and visit this restaurant, your belly will not regret it!

Maize + Mash, Glen Ellyn, IL

Maize and Mash, American, Food

Maize + Mash

Maize and Mash is located in the heart of Glen Ellyn, a suburb of Chicago. And is one of the hottest spots around town. If you are visiting, this is definitely a restaurant you want to visit.

The atmosphere is inviting and cozy with dark walls and rustic wooden tables. The decor is trendy and is a great place to have brunch or dinner.

Here is the breakdown what I ordered:

Shrimp and Grits: 5/5 Wow, this dish blew my mind. I had to lick the plate clean it was that good. (You don’t want to sit by me, I WILL embarrass you). It had bbq sauteed shrimp, creamy bacon cheddar grits, with cajun brown butter. This is a dish I would order over and over.

Glen Ellyn, IL

Tuna Salad: 3.5/5. I rated this salad above average because it wasn’t just another regular salad, it had some pizzazz. What made this salad so flavorful was the jalapenos. I have had better tuna salads, but for now, we will rate it as 3.5. It had sashimi tuna dressed w/ pear + balsamic vinaigrette, avocado, grilled pears, pickled ginger, cucumber, watermelon radish, macadamia nuts, jalapeno, shaved parmesan, served over mixed greens.

Maize and Mash, tuna salad

Mac and Cheese: 4/5 Yum! This was good! Portioned perfectly and a great side to have to your salad if you choose to. Creamy macaroni, garnished with crunchy crumbs and parsley.

glen ellyn, cheese, macaroni

Local Burger: 5/5! Maize and Mash is not a burger joint, but boy do they know how to make an amazing burger! Cooked and seasoned perfectly. The 8 oz patty was very juicy, and you know it’s a good burger if all the juices run down your fingers. It doesn’t stop there. The fries deserve a major shout out as well. After one fry, you will find yourself addicted to the crunch of every bite. Trust me, you won’t stop till you drop, or get into a food coma.

Maize and Mash, Burger

Final Thoughts

Whatever the occasion, you have to visit this restaurant. The food and atmosphere are perfect for dates, birthdays, or as simple as a Sunday brunch with family.

4 BEST Donut Shops Foodies Must Try! ORLANDO

Doughnuts, donuts, Orlando

Best Donuts in Orlando & Disney

A donut or doughnut is a circular piece of fried round dough confection. World over, a doughnut is famous as a sweet snack, that can either be purchased from a local bakery or can be prepared at home. Here we present some interesting facts about the origin of donuts and also 4 top places in Orlando, Florida where you can enjoy the lip-smacking donuts prepared with delicious ingredients. Be sure to let us know if you try them and how you’d rate them.

Whatever the colorful history, these donuts have, they are truly one of the best things ever happened to mankind. These deep-fried, delicious cakes, simmering with cinnamon, sugar dust, and nuts, etc are loved the world over. The world wars were a stimulant for doughnut consumption as it became the most convenient of the food for the soldiers. With a lot of trials and error by a lot of people, we now see the modern-day donut, still, a mystic sweet deep-fried cake, available in a zillion of flavors, ready in the bakery shop next door, waiting to be relished by hundreds of consumer every day and leave them wondering that how exactly, the first donut was created, and who thought of creating the hole in the belly.

1. The Glass Knife

276 S Orlando Ave. Maitland, FL 32751

This place tops our chart. Located in Winter Park, this place claim of making home-cooked donuts. Widely appreciated by patrons for reasonable pricing, amazing atmosphere, and delectable donuts, The Glass Knife is a must-visit if you are a local or visiting Orlando on a business or leisure trip.

Read Christy T.‘s review of The Glass Knife on Yelp

2. Donut King

3716 Howell Branch Rd. Winter Park, FL 32792

The visitors love this place and so do we. This place in Winter Park has some amazing collection of donuts. To name a few, donuts with fruit pebbles, to red velvet and from Oreo flavor to the powdered Bavarian cream donuts. Wow, the names only sound so delicious!! These donuts are fluffy, light, and live up to the name of the place. Donut king has a huge assortment of donuts with varied textures and tastes and highly recommended for a visit.

Read Fareeha R.‘s review of Donut King on Yelp

3. Bakery Plus

915 E Michigan St. Orlando, FL 32806

Bakery plus spoil the visitors with a really large collection of colorful and tasty donuts options. A nice cozy shop, Bakery Plus has a list of its own loyal patron who does not mind visiting the place to dig in their favorite donuts. Do visit this place when you are around the corner.

Read Allison K.‘s review of Bakery Plus on Yelp

4. Valkyrie Doughnuts

12226 Corporate Blvd. Orlando, FL 32817

Last but not least in our list is Valkyrie Doughnuts.  It’s a preferred food joint for a lot of vegans as well. With all the basic facilities of parking, good sitting place, and payment options, this shop completely fits in our must-visit donut stores in Orlando.

Read Dalina H.‘s review of Valkyrie Doughnuts on Yelp

5 BEST Tea Houses You Must Visit! ORLANDO

Tea, Tea pot, Orlando

Best Tea Houses in Orlando

Where did tea come from?

A tea house, from the name itself, is a place in which people go when they want to have a cup of tea, sometimes even combine it with other activities such as eating and watching events. Culture is a big factor in how these tea houses are designed and even for their general purpose. As different kinds of teas became popular through time, they slowly started to get bigger than just a drink to order with your meal. Slowly a whole culture began to form around tea itself, and so were the tea houses born. And as tea started to get consumed more and more, people started to build more and more tea houses.

Their shape and form differ considerably, as do the occasions on which you drink tea. This is mainly observed between different cultures. In some places such as Japan, tea is used in formal ceremonies, while in other places such as England, it is often served with a snack to relax from a long day at work or shopping. The difference between cultures can also be observed in the different kinds of buildings that are used as tea houses in each of these places.

What are the best tea houses near Orlando & Disney?

In Orlando, tea is mainly served in the afternoon. So if you are at it and you are looking to spoil yourself with a nice relaxing cup of tea and some small snacks you have come to the right place. Below you can find a list with the best Tea Houses you can find in Orlando.

  • The Tea Room Experience
  • Garden View Tea Room
  • KrungThep Tea Time
  • Shaka Shaka Tea House

1. The Tea Room Experience

420 E Church St. Orlando, FL 32801

Whether it’s a social event or a birthday party, The Team Room Experience covers it all. The atmosphere is really warm and goes hand in hand with the wonderful decor.  The snacks and sandwiches are mouth-watering and there is a wide range of teas you can indulge yourself and relax. The place is also really kid-friendly so that’s a huge plus!

Read Anna P.‘s review of The Tea Room Experience on Yelp

2. Garden View Tea Room

Located inside the Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, the Garden View Tea Room is an elegant spot overlooking the garden and the pool of the Grand Floridian Resort. Be prepared to make a reservation before going there because the place is booked most of the time. The menu features a really wide range of choices and you are free to choose from fixed price courses which usually feature 3 servings to your own tea choice and desserts. The place is known for its really warm atmosphere and delicious desserts. This is a really nice place if you want to take a small break from the parks and relax.

Read Lisa W.‘s review of Garden View Tea Room on Yelp

3. KrungThep Tea Time

1051 W Fairbanks Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789

Located along Fairbanks Avenue, KrungThep Tea Time is not that big of a place but certainly full of taste. KrungThep is another name for Bangkok, which is why here you will find a delicious mix of traditional and modern Thai dishes. The house offers a wide range of teas, sandwiches, and desserts. Unlike some other places, the decor will strike you as minimalist and contemporary. The staff is super friendly and you can also find a parking spot outside if you are not walking by foot. This is certainly a place that you will have a fun time and want to visit again.

Read Pam H.‘s review of KrungThep Tea Time on Yelp

4. Shaka Shaka Tea House

3934 S Semoran Blvd. Orlando, FL 32822

You can find Shaka Shaka Tea House along the Semoran Boulevard. All the drinks here are natural and are supposed to be good for your health. The staff is really friendly and the service is known to be quick. Other than teas, Shaka Shaka is known for their fruit smoothies and they let you decide the sweetness level too!

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714 N Mills Ave. Orlando, FL 32803

ROYALTEA is one of the best spots you can find in Orlando. Whether you are looking for a delicious green tea, the cheese foam, or the mousse milk tea (their special) you can be sure you will get satisfied as they all taste great. The atmosphere is nice and friendly and the staff will make sure to make you feel comfortable. The menu is unique and the options are endless.

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