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5 BEST Churro’s Foodies Must Try! ORLANDO

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Best Churro in Orlando

Where did the Churro come from?

That crunchy, crispy, and delicious treat that we just cannot stop eating: the churro. There are lots of different theories about their origin and beginning. Most of them agree that they were firstly cooked in ancient China. They used to call them “youtiao” and were mostly used as a breakfast snack. But they were so impressive that the Portuguese, who were actively trading with the Chinese at that time, thought to bring these desserts back to their peninsula. To no one’s amazement though everyone was addicted to them. It was the Spanish who gave them the name we know today, calling them “churro”. The shepherds, who often found themselves in the mountains for days with no access to fresh food, started cooking these while on their duty.
And it was the Spanish people who brought these delicious snacks with them while exploring and conquering the world. They were immediately adopted by Latin America who put their own twist to them. Some countries cooked them a little bigger, some a little denser. Some of them fill them with fruit fillings, while others like to dip them in chocolate before serving. Uruguay even went back to where it started and offered them with melted cheese. The North American ‘churro masters’ like to cook them with cinnamon and sugar.
Churros are still widely famous in Spain and you can find them on streets, cafes or pastries. They are often accompanied by a cup of coffee or some hot chocolate. They are eaten as a late-night after-party snack or as quick on-your-way to work snack in the morning.
Occasions on which they are served also differ in different cultures and countries. While on England friends have started meeting up at churro places, in Portugal, they are often cooked on special occasions. If you like churros as much as we do, check the top places we recommend in Orlando.

1. Churromania

8001 S Orange Blossom Trl
Ste 692
Florida Mall
Orlando, FL 32809

You can find Churromania in the Florida Mall, in the South Orange Blossom Trail. So if you are shopping there, this place is a must stop. While there is usually a line waiting to get their treats, we can assure these churros are worth the wait. There is a variety of choices you can make, but one thing is for sure; their churros are always fresh. You can choose your own toppings such as nutella, chocolate, vanilla etc. The staff is usually very patient and they will explain each and every topping in case you have any doubts.

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2. Choo-Choo Churros

5810 Lake Underhill Rd.Orlando, FL 32807

This place is really warm and directly gives you that country feel. The prices are somewhat on the expensive side, but satisfaction is guaranteed. The menu offers authentic Argentinean food, so if you have never tried it before this may be your next stop. The place is run by a local family and most of the food is produced by the Chef itself. They pride themselves on the excellent and warm service they provide. If you are traveling by car, there’s plenty of parking spots available outside the shop.

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3. Tako Cheena

932 N Mills Ave. Orlando, FL 32803

Don’t be deceived by the name. Yes, this is a taco place, but their churros are bomb. Crispy with crystallized sugar all around every inch. This small shop serves up all sorts of fusion tacos. And it’s best to chase your tasty dinner with a sweet churro. So when you are having that churro craving, think of Taco Cheena as your go to place for that irresitable sweet, crunchy goodness.

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5 BEST Bubble Tea Shops Foodies Must Try! ORLANDO

Boba, smoothie, Orlando

Best Bubble Tea shops in Orlando

Where did Boba come from?

Boba or bubble tea was born out of an impromptu experiment by a tea stall vendor during the summer of the early 1980s in Taipei city of Taiwan and boy has it taken off. As the story goes, one simmering afternoon, a tea vendor out of his curiosity poured tapioca balls in the glass, covering it with shaved ice layer and them filling up the glass with milk tea. The step was unplanned and the portions were decided randomly. At that time, no one knew that this innocuous piece of experimentation will give birth to a drink which will become a rage for future generations.

With time, Boba evolved with much further experimentation by the stall owners, mixing fruit jelly and syrups as a cheap alternative of real fruits. Tapioca balls were substituted with grass jelly egg pudding etc to give different texture and taste to the beverage.

Coming to the original and classy boba, the real deal rests with the preparation of tapioca balls, stipulated time of boiling, and then subsequent cooling before it is poured in the drink. Over boiling can make it squishy and then balls start to stick together. Boiled less than required and get remain hard to chew. So a patient approach is needed to prepare the beverage.
In the US the popularity of Boba is credited to the immigration of Taiwanese people who brought the drink with them.

Let us see which are the local cafes in Orlando prepare the best of boba or bubble tea and can be recommended for a visit. The shops are not necessarily in order of preference.

1. Chewy Boba Company

1212 E Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL 32803

Chewy Boba Company is a pleasant surprise for hard core boba tea lovers. With some nice variations like coffee and Taro Slush, the shop keeps the patrons hooked and makes them come back over and over again. The food and beverage is reasonably priced here. The shop has a regular menu with good options available for your favorite flavor of boba tea. This is a place you must visit

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2. Quickly Boba and Snow

3214 E Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL 32803

The shop has over 50 variations of pearls available with them to spoil the consumer for choice. Open 7 days a week, Boba and Snow can turn out to be your favorite place to enjoy Bubble Tea . The management keeps on adding new variations to the menu and can get you intrigued every time you visit the place. As mentioned by a lot of patrons, the new inclusion of jasmine and rose milk tea has made a lot of customers as loyal patrons of the joint. The decor is colorful to further match up with the colorful drink.

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3. Shaka Shaka Tea House

3934 S Semoran Blvd. Orlando, FL 32822

Opened seven days a week, this place is a reviewer’s delight. Customers have rated this place as A+ for Service, Speed and Taste. As a practice, the management puts a lot of emphasis on natural ingredients used to prepare the food to attract the health conscious people. Apart from the choice of drink available at the store, patrons have also heaped a lot of praise for store set up, seating arrangement, and free wifi, plenty of parking and polite staff. This makes us curious to visit the shop once at least. One never knows, if it turns out to be a happy surprise to make you come back over and over again.

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4. Royal Tea

714 N Mills Ave. Orlando, FL 32803

Royal Tea is slowly and steadily becoming popular among boba tea aficionados for the distinctive flavors it offer to the customers. Some of the popular tea coming out of their kitchen is lychee black tea, jasmine green tea and Peach tea. The tapioca bubbles as many confirmed, is always perfectly cooked and the consistency in taste is a big reason for happy and satisfied customer.

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5. Zero Degrees

5282 W Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL 32808

Currently on a soft launch, Zero Degrees has still managed to attract a lot of customers who swear by the variety and taste of Boba tea available at this place. A unique thing about this place is that they provide you 2 small portions of different flavored tea so that you can savoir their taste at one time. We wish them good luck for the opening and hope to visit soon to relish some amazing boba tea.

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5 BEST Ice Cream Shops Foodies Must Try! ORLANDO

Orlando, Ice Cream, Best

Best Ice Cream in Orlando

Where does Ice Cream come from?

Everything has got some history behind it including your favorite desserts. Before we dish out the information we have about the 5 best ice cream parlors in Orlando Florida, it is important we give you a little bit of the history behind your favorite tasty ice creams to help you appreciate every bite as you have never done.

The Roman Emperor, Nero Claudius Caesar was also known to have had the habit of sending runners to the mountains frequently to harvest some snow, which they flavored with juices and fruits to satisfy his cravings for tasty treats. About a thousand years after Caesar, Marco Polo, the great explorer was said to have returned from his tour of the Far East with a recipe that looked so much like what people enjoy today as sherbet.


What is the best ice cream in Orlando & Near Disney?

The modern ice cream parlor now offers varieties of ice creams in different flavors, colors, and designs that have both visual and tasty appeal. In this post, we will devote to telling you 5 good places you can get your favorite ice cream flavors in Orlando, Florida that are serving up your chilly treat.

  • Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream
  • The Greenery Creamery
  • Ginther’s Swirls Ice Cream
  • Five Fx Ice Cream and Sweet Cake
  • Abracadabra Ice Cream Factory

1. Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream
3114 Corrine Dr. Orlando, FL 32803


Credit: @Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream

This is your one-stop ice cream parlor for all flavors of homemade ice cream. What makes the ice creams from Kelly’s so amazing might perhaps be linked to the founder’s passion for ice cream which dates back to her growing up years in New York. Kelly’s homemade ice creams started their trade at farmers market but had to float their first ice cream parlor in 2015 when business grew.
They are specialists in making sorbets and craft homemade ice cream. Their unique and seasonal flavors stand them out. A visit to Kelly’s homemade ice cream parlor will give you a chance to choose from their variety of ice creams, such as sundaes, floats, shaved ice, ice cream flights, etc. Their ice cream trucks can be found all over central Florida

2. The Greenery Creamery
420 E Church St. #112 Orlando, FL 32801


Credit: @The Greenery Creamery

The Greenery Creamery is another amazing home for handmade ice cream at the center of Orlando. They pride themselves as a community of ice cream, and you will agree with them when you have a taste of their handcrafted fresh ice cream and understand they source all ingredients locally.
At the greenery creamery, you are sure to get the healthiest ice cream flavors with no trace of artificial preservatives or commercial stabilizers. They believe in natural fresh taste where every ingredient in their diary mix is sourced from Orlando bred local cows.
A visit to the greenery creamery will give you the opportunity to walk around the park with a tasty cone in hand as it is situated a few steps away from the famous Lake Eola.

3. Ginther’s Swirls Ice Cream
11036 International Dr. Orlando, FL 32821


Credit: @Ginthers Swirls?

Ginther’s Swirls is one other nice ice cream parlor you should try out in Orlando. This family-owned ice cream parlor has been providing great quality ice creams since early 2014. Located a few miles away from SeaWorld near Central Florida Parkway and International Drive, this ice cream parlor offers you a comfortable patio seating with brilliant night lighting and a drive-through for enhanced convenience.
They own two Twistee Treat locations where same great tastes are also served. Their hand-scooped ice cream now comes in 8 tasty flavors whose popularity increases by the day. Some of the great flavors they serve include: Cookies N Cream, Butter Pecan, Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookie Dough, Salty Caramel Peanut, Rocky Road, and the very popular Superman.
All their products are made from natural cow milk and served creamy in sugar cones, waffle cones, and cups. They also offer sugar-free, fat-free vanilla soft-serve. You will have an endless list of options to choose from when you visit Ginther’s swirls. You can choose any toppings for your dessert and they customize all orders to suit your specific tastes.

4. Five Fx Ice Cream and Sweet Cake
688 N Alafaya Trail #104 Orlando, FL 32828


Credit: @5 F (x) Ice Cream & Taiyaki

Five Fx Ice Cream And Sweet Cake has a wide variety of ice creams and frozen yogurts that will make you want to come back soon for another treat.
They have healthier options of your ice cream topping ranging from almond milk to soy and skim milk. So, if you want something tasty and healthy, Five Fx Ice Cream And Sweet Cake should be your best bet. Their standard flavors, such as chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry will leave a tingling memorable taste on your taste buds. If you are the adventurous type that loves intercontinental flavors, their Asian extras like green tea and red bean is there to meet your taste fantasies.

5. Abracadabra Ice Cream Factory
520 N Main St. Kissimmee, FL 34744


Credit: @Abracadabra Ice Cream Factory

Last but not the least on the list of 5 best ice cream parlors you should visit in Orlando for a memorable experience is the abracadabra ice cream parlor known for their great taste and amazing services.
They also have bounce houses where children under the age of 12 can enjoy some playtime with their mates. This makes them ideal for a family time out.
Abracadabra ice cream pride their ice cream as the best in the whole country. They make use of modern nitrogen freezing technology to flash freeze whichever ice cream you choose from their menu within a few seconds. They can do the freezing while you watch if you so desire. Here, you create your own flavor and taste combination and watch the perform their swift little magic.

According to historians, this recipe evolved into what we now know as ice cream around the 16th century. Ice creams first appeared on the royal dining tables of the kings of nations like Italy, France and England between 1553, and was later made available to the public around 1660.

America got her first taste of ice cream around 1744 when a guest brought some to William Balden, the then Maryland Governor. The first ever ice cream advertisement in America appeared on May 12, 1777 and was carried by the New York Gazette.

Ice Cream has a very long history which can be traced as far back as the second century B.C. Though no single vendor has been given undisputed credit as the sole inventor of this tasty treat, biblical references suggest that even the famous King Solomon loved enjoying some iced drinks during the harvest season.

Some American presidents, such as Presidents Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Madison were said to have had their individual favorite ice cream spots in the White House. Ice cream remained the elite dessert until a Baltimore milk vendor, Jacob Fusell, began the first industrial production of ice cream in 1850 for public consumption.

Over the years, several technological inventions, such as the homogenize, steaming power, mechanical refrigeration, packaging machines, electric power, motors, and several freezing equipment have changed the ice cream industry dramatically. Today, there is hardly any street corner in the United States where you can’t find one or two ice cream parlors and vans.

5 BEST Crepes Foodies Must Try! ORLANDO

Crepes, Best, Orlando

Best Crepes in Orlando

Where do crepes come from?

Crepes are known to have a very fascinating history. Crepes, which originated from a small area in France, were perfected by the French, made into some kind of art, and have become a common dish all over France and other parts of the world. Whether they are sweet or savory they are a delectable treat.

According to history, this delicious French dish originated from Brittany, in the northern part of France. Turning grains into pancakes have always been part of every kitchen meal preparation, but crepes didn’t become a household name until a housewife accidentally spilled some very thin porridge on a very hot stove and that mistake gave birth to the very tasty thin crispy pancakes, which is today referred to as crepes.

The word crepes come from the Latin word “Crispus”, which is used to describe crispy things. Families in France still celebrate February 2 of every year as the day of crisps, a day when folks make crepes in large quantities and eat them for dinner.

However, crepes are no longer for the French alone as you can walk into a number of restaurants in Orlando and other American cities to enjoy your tasty crepes.

Here are 5 prestigious restaurants you can visit in Orlando for the best crepes today:

1. Le Crave Express

861 N Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FL 32828

Le Crave Express is solely dedicated to serving the very best of crepes, teas, and very delicious coffees, and several other great dishes you can’t easily find at your local chain restaurant. The savory crepes Le Crave serves like every other item you find on their menu were originally developed by Le Crave chefs and founders.
When you visit Le Crave, you are sure to experience quick and friendly services from their amiable workers irrespective of your purpose of visit to the restaurant. They offer the best coffee breed believed to have been hand-picked, locally roasted, processed, and delivered to them.
Prominent businesspeople love to meet at Le Crave for their business meetings. So, if you are looking for business connections, Le Crave has the reputation of facilitating your business even as you enjoy their palatable dishes. It is also an ideal place for families, couples, and friends to meet. Le Crave serves signature crepes, coffees, teas, smoothies, and spirits at all hours during the day.

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2. The Crepevine

E State Rd. 436 Altamonte Spring, FL 32714

Crepevine was ideally built to serve as a convenient meeting place for friends, families, professionals, and students. You can be sure to find something you would love to eat on their menu any day despite your food preferences.

Crepevine pride themselves in providing the healthiest, freshest, ingredients, fair-trade coffee, ocean bred Canadian salmon and 100% organic beef from cows. Their vegetables and fruits are believed to come from local growers and farmers. Their dressings and toppings are made from scratch in their own kitchen.

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3. Le Cafe De Paris

5179 Dr. Phillips Blvd. Orlando, FL 32819

Le Cafe De Paris has been providing Orlando residents with the best dishes since they opened their doors to customers in 2007. Founded by two love birds, Chantal and Claude, this restaurant is a good testimony of what a couple can build together if they choose to pursue a common goal. Chantal who once worked in a French bakery brought in her knowledge and experience about French foods, which to an extent helped make Le Cafe De Paris what it is today.

Le Cafe De Paris specializes in offering the finest breakfasts and lunch, crepes, coffee, French bakeries, and the likes. If you are a great lover of French food and fries, Le Cafe De Paris should top the list of your favorite restaurants in Orlando.

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4. Cafe 906

4932 New Broad St. Orlando, FL 32814

If you are looking for either savory or sweet crepes. You must come to Cafe 906 and get your fresh, hot crepes. They will melt in your mouth and cause you to even lick your plate clean. This little shop is located in Baldwin Park, and owned by a French couple. You can even customize what you want as your toppings and the staff will gladly help you pair a good combination. If you are in the area or you plan to make a special trip out to Baldwin Park, Orlando, then you must stop by and have a few crepes.

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5 BEST Coffee Shops Foodies Must Try! ORLANDO

Best, Coffee, Orlando

Best Coffee shops in Orlando

You either love coffee or just love the smell as some do, but today we are bringing you some awesome coffee shop options.

Where does coffee come from?

While there are many legends about coffee, no one can rightly say when it was discovered with accuracy. So, we will take a look at different legends about where coffee came from and how it got here.

Ethiopian Legend

The Ethiopian legend has it that the coffee grown all over the world can be traced back to the coffee forests on the plateaus of Ethiopia. The legend claims that Kaldi, the goat herder was the first human to discover the great potentials of this wonderful bean. It was said that this discovery came after Kaldi’s goats eat the berries from a particular tree in the forest and could not sleep that night due to excessive energy. Kaldi was said to have reported his findings to the Abbot in charge of the monastery in his locality, who made a drink from the berries and discovered it kept him alert all through the night and helped him pray for long without falling asleep. As word about this discovery traveled to the east and coffee seeds got to the Arabian Peninsula, the wonder seed began a world tour until it got to every part of the globe.

The Arabian Peninsula Legend

As at the 15th century, coffee had become a popular crop in Yemen, and before the end of the 16th century, it had found its way into Egypt, Persia, Turkey, and Syria. Public coffee parlors and shops began to spring up in cities across the North East to the point that they become known as the School of the Wise, where sensitive information were picked up from. The knowledge of this wonder seed of Arabia and the wine it produced were carried to other parts of the world by pilgrims who came to Mecca annually.

Journey to Europe

Travelers who visited the North East from Europe brought back wonder stories about an amazing black beverage they came across during the course of their journeys. By the end of the 17th century, coffee had made its entrance into Europe and spread to several cities. Some people were skeptical of the new beverage and termed it Satan’s bitter intervention. It generated so much controversy that Pope Clement VIII was begged to intervene in the matter. He tasted the drink before taking any decision and found the drink so energizing that he gave it his papal blessings and approval. Before long, coffee houses sprang all over Germany, Holland, Austria, England and several other places.
Coming to America
In 1714, King Louis XIV of France received a young coffee plant as a royal gift from the Mayor of Amsterdam. The king gave an order that the coffee plant be planted in Paris Royal Botanical Garden. In 1723, Gabriel Clieu, a young naval officer got one coffee seedling from the King’s coffee plantation and managed to transport it safely to Martinique. Once planted in Martinique, the seedling produced more than 18 million coffee trees on the Martinique Island within 50 years. From there it got to South and Central America and the Caribbean.

Today, you can find this amazing beverage at any coffee shop near you no matter where you live. Now, let’s see some great places you can get some of the best brewed coffee in Orlando:

1. The Golden Pod

7653 International Dr. Orlando, FL 32819

A visit to the Golden Pod is sure to bring your taste buds alive as they offer a wide variety of tasty treats from chocolates to cocktails. Their rare collection of coffee and tea is sure to make you wish to make golden pod your choice spot for every meal for as long as you live in Orlando. At the golden pod, you get the best mouthwatering delicacies and very delightful dishes that will send you on an unforgettable journey down the taste lane.

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2. Vespr Coffeebar

626 N Alafaya Trail #105 Orlando, FL 32828

Vespr Coffeebar pride themselves as the Orlando Coffebar that is committed to a never-ending pursuit of creative and amazing sensory experiences by offering you the kind of specialty coffee you have not tasted since you fell in love with this black liquid. They are committed to a daily goal of creating drinks and experiences that can engage your intellect and senses to the fullest extent possible-to enable you experience the beautiful and sensational coffee beverage they offer in the most unexpected way.

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3. Achilles Art Cafe Coffee Shop

2869 Wilshire Dr. STE 103 Orlando, FL 32835

There are several reasons why the Archilles Art Cafe Coffee Shop is more than just another coffee shop in Orlando. A look at their menu will take you through their specialties from where you can choose what appeals to you the most. With over 7 years coffee brewing experience, you can’t afford not to get a good treat when you visit this prestigious coffee shop.

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4. Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar

444 N Bumby Ave. Orlando, FL 32803

The Drunken Monkey is known for their traditional coffee house extras such as weekend music and comedies. If you need a place to get excellent coffee and goo food, you should visit the Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar.
They offer top shelf, organic and fair trade coffee at all times. They pride themselves as the Orlando coffee house that buys the best tasting coffee seeds from different parts of the globe. For all your fresh and organic food choices in addition to the great tasting coffee they brew, you can stop by to see things for yourself. They offer good smoothies, frozen drinks, teas, iced drinks, veggies, grilled wraps, panini, etc. Their fresh tastes will always keep you coming back for me.

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5. Foxtail Coffee Bar

1282 N Orange Ace. Winter Park, FL 32789

Foxtail Coffee Bar is famed to be the best when it comes to offering you the best coffee in Orlando. Undoubtedly the best coffee shop in the Orange Avenue, the beautifully unique and quaint bar with very expansive seating atrium is covered in the most brilliant and beautiful natural light. It is an ideal place for your business and private meetings as you can grab some quick espresso or place order for their syphon brew while you wait for your partner. This is one coffee bar you won’t want to miss their coffee and other treats they offer.

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5 BEST Chocolate Shops Foodies Must Try! ORLANDO

Chocolate, shop, Orlando

Best Chocolate Shops in Orlando

Where does Chocolate come from?

Before we go right into where you can find the best chocolates in Orlando, it is important to help you understand how chocolates came to be and how they have evolved into the different forms, shapes and sizes we know and enjoy today.

The cultivation, cultural use, and consumption of cocoa began in Mesoamerica, where the cocoa tree is believed to have originated from. Historians believe the origin of chocolates can be traced back to 350BC when the Aztecs believed cocoa seeds were special gifts given to them by the god of wisdom, Quetzacoatl. Cocoa seeds had such an enormous value and usage that they were once used as currency for business transactions.

Cocoa was served only in one form back in that days-it was usually served as a bitter liquid mixed with different local spices it was savory instead of sweet. The cavemen believed cocoa drink was an energy-giving drink, which explains why men drank it for enhanced sex drive and increased sexual performance.

Sugar was first added to cocoa when it arrived in Europe in the 16th century after Christopher Columbus encountered the wonder seed during his 4th voyage to American with his crew. The word chocolate was derived from the Spanish word “xocolatl” which means “bitter water”. Between the 17th and 19th centuries, the craze for chocolate brought along the infamous slave trade as cocoa plantations spread across Europe and America.

Today, you can enjoy your chocolate from cocoa seeds in different forms such as shakes, drinks, teas, bars, sweets, etc. If you live in Orlando and love chocolate, here are 5 best chocolate factories and shops to get your favorite chocolates in Orlando:

1. Farris and Foster’s Chocolate Factory

4875 New Broad St. Orlando, FL 32814

At Farris & Foster’s, you have the chance of becoming your very own chocolatier as you create long-lasting memories creating your own confectionaries. This is why most chocolate lovers in Orlando choose to host their parties and meetings at here. Farris & Forster boast of very professional staff who are always eager and willing to help you with whatever you need help with when you come visiting with your family.

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2. Better Than Sex

1905 N Orange Ave. Orlando, FL 32804

Better than sex, as the name implies, is one restaurant you can take your date to any day for some romantic experiences that are better than sex. It is a full-service restaurant that boasts of some of the best chocolate covered wines, desserts, and the most romantic atmosphere to help you connect with your loved one in the most intimate way. The warmth and intimacy you get here are far better than any sexual experience you can have beneath the sheets. Next, you need a place to take your date for a memorable romantic experience, think better than sex.

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3. David Ramirez Chocolates

2154 Central Florida Pkwy. Orlando FL 32837

David Ramirez Chocolates come with both passion and perfection. They have simply redefined chocolate making. They take pride in using the very best of natural ingredients, sourced from different parts of the world. They believe in offering you something superior to whatever you have been used to since you developed love and passion for chocolates. A visit to David Ramirez Chocolates will immerse you in a culinary experience you won’t shake off in a long time. They bring artistry into chocolate making in addition to the unique flavors their chocolates are known for.

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4. Peterbrooke Chocolatier Winter Park

300 S Park Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789

At Peterbrooke Chocolatier Winter Park, you get the most delicious chocolates styled just like European chocolates. There are more than 24 unique flavors for you to choose from any day you decide to visit them to satisfy your craving for chocolates. Their gourmet chocolates are made fresh every day by their very skilled and professional chocolatiers. They are strategically located at the heart of Park Avenue, downtown Winter Park. Their team of talented and experienced chocolatiers ensures you are never disappointed anytime you stop by for a bite of your favorite chocolate flavor.

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5. Chocolate Kingdom-Factory Adventure Tour

9901 Hawaiian Ct. Orlando, FL 32819

If you won’t mind adding some more outdoor fun to your life even as you enjoy your favorite chocolate, Chocolate Kingdom is right for you. With chocolate Kingdom, the fun won’t stop at eating delicious chocolates alone. You will get a first hand knowledge of how your favorite chocolate is transformed from the cocoa seed into the creamy bar you have come to love so much. If you love chocolate so much that you would love to have some bars customized to give you a sense of personal ownership of each bar you eat and more intimacy. This is one chocolate experience that will amaze you and deepen your love for chocolates.

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5 BEST Candy Shops Foodies Must Try! ORLANDO

candy, soft candy, top 5, Orlando

Best candy shops in Orlando

Where did candy come from?

Candy can be traced back to the early Egyptians who were known to have combined nuts, fruits, and honey to make sweet treats. Early Greeks also made use of fruits to produce candied flowers and fruits. The first modern candies were not produced until the 16th century. And before the 19th century, manufacturing sweets had developed speedily into a large industry.

Candy is produced by making a mixture of milk, water, and sugar to form a thick syrup. What determines the final texture of the candy is the temperature used during heating and the concentration of the sugar. Hard candy is a product of hot temperatures, a medium temperature produces soft candy while a cool temperature gives birth to chewy candy. The English word Candy has been in use since the 13th century. The word candy comes from an Arabic word “qandi”, which referred to boiled sugar cane.

Honey has remained a favorite sweetener all throughout history. Even the Bible made mention of honey as a sweetener. The early Chinese, Egyptians, and Arabians candied nuts and fruits in honey, which was the earliest known form of candy.

One of the earliest versions of candies is known as barley sugar which was produced from barley grains. The Aztecs and Mayans both cherished the cocoa bean more than any other seed, and were the very first humans to taste chocolate. Sugar candy was first boiled in America and England in the 17th century.

Hard candies, such as lemon drops and peppermints didn’t gain popularity until the 19th century. The first ever chocolate candy bars were produced in 1847 by Joseph Fry with the use of bittersweet chocolate. In 1875, milk chocolate was introduced by Daniel Peter and Henry Nestle. Now let’s see some great spots you can check out in Orlando for the nice candies they offer:

1. M & M’s World

8001 S Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32809

What makes M & M’s popular all over the world goes beyond the colorful and tasty candies they offer. If you wish to shop for your children’s clothing while they enjoy their favorite candies, M & M’s world is your best bet. They offer almost every fun thing you could imagine to meet your children’s cravings ranging from toys to candies to clothes and several other items. The store is a must visit whether you love the classic M & M’s or just want to walk in and smell the chocolate filled air.

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2. La Zucre Cake Boutique

1502 N Semoran Blvd. #112 Orlando, FL 32807

One thing that will strike you as a first time visitor to the La Zucre is the clean and inviting nature of the baking shop. Their helpful and warm workers will help you decide what you wish to pick up before you leave. If you have kids who are in love with cupcakes, you can take them along for a special cupcake treat. The different variety of the flavors of their candies and cupcakes gives you a wide variety of tasty options to choose from.

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3. Rocket Fizz

520 S Park Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789

This Soda Pop and Candy shop is your one-stop shop for all your candy shop needs. Rocket fizz has a collection of thousands of different candy and soda pops from different parts of the world. A visit to Rocket fizz will bring back all your childhood memories.

Rocket Fizz founders are fond of giving away free candies and soda pops occasionally. You may be lucky to visit when they are in the mood of giving out freebies. So, next time you think candy, think Rocket Fizz.

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4. Sugarplum’s Sweet Shop

6000 Universal Blvd. Orlando, FL 32819

Sugarplum’s sweet shop opened its doors for business in 2016 and have not looked back ever since. They sell some exotic candies that were inspired by the treats found in the Harry Potter films and books. They also sell bakery and candy items such as Cauldron Cakes, Pasties, and Butterbeer Fudge.

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5. Natalie’s Candy Jar

6000 Universal Blvd. Orlando, FL 32819

Natalie’s Candy Jar feature a wide variety of bulk selection of sours, chocolates, gummies, jellys,  in addition to their variety of sugar-free treats, healthy trail mixes, and nuts. The high quality boxed chocolates they offer domestic and international travelers and other such gift items are among the reasons why they are always well sought-after.
Whether you are looking for an excellent sugar-free selection of candies, an incredible collection of sweet chocolates or a gift box of confections, Natalie’s Candy Jar is all you need to have all your candy needs met. This is the ideal candy option for you if you are planning on embarking on a journey.
Natalie’s Candy jar appeals to everyone of age. If you take your kids to Natalie, you will cherish the unmistakable excitement and anticipation on your kids’ faces as they step into the colorful environment with every kind of bright candy on display on every side.

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5 BEST Macarons Foodies Must Try! DISNEY & ORLANDO

Macarons, pastries, pastry, Orlando

Top Macarons in Orlando

Where did the macaron come from?

Let’s clear out the air about some interesting things on macarons. First of all, even though nowadays they are the symbol of French pastries, they have not originated in France. That’s right. Their origins can be traced to Italy. The term ‘macaron’ comes from the Italian language and it actually means ‘fine dough’. It is technically a cookie sandwich.

Macarons can be traced back as far as the 8th century, even though back then they did not have the form we are accustomed to having today. They were very plain cookies and as almost all the sweets back then, they were made of almonds, egg whites, and sugar. The actual macarons that we have today, have firstly emerged during the 15th century in Italy and were served for a wedding in France. After that wedding, there was no turning back for French cooks.

Today we all know the delicious sandwiched filling macaron. The modern version of it is connected with Laduree, a famous pastry shop in Paris. This is why they are also the best-selling cookie in France and can be seen in almost every pastry around the town.

What are the best Macarons by Orlando & Disney?

And here is a fun fact many of you don’t know. Macarons even have their special day! Introduced in France, March 20th, it is known worldwide as the “Macarons Day”. So make sure to keep that date in mind if you want to eat some of these sweets for free.

  • Le Macaron French Pastries
  • Honey + Clover
  • Le Macaron
  • Chewy Boba Company
  • Lamounier Macarons & Chocolats

1. Le Macaron French Pastries

216 N Park Ave. Ste I, Winter Park, FL 32789

Le Macaron French Pastries can be found along the North Park Avenue. Their macarons taste heavenly. They literally inform you that you will get surprised when you bite them, and a surprise it is. There are so many tastes you can choose from such as chocolate, coffee, caramel, coconut and you can get around 6 of them for 15$. While that may not be the cheapest price, the quality surely justifies the price. The atmosphere is very friendly and if you suffer from a sweet tooth, this is certainly the place to visit.

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2. honey + clover

Orlando, FL

This little sweet pastry is located on the Central Business District. honey + clover prides itself in everything being organic and local.  Besides all the other sweets, macarons are one that you would not like to miss. They all taste light and come in many different flavors. They may be a bit on the pricey side, but the fact that all the ingredients are organic and sourced locally when possible makes up for that. They also accept custom orders and I’m sure that after ordering once, you will go back again for some more.

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3. Le Macaron

671 Front St. #110, Celebration, FL 34747

Le Macaron is a gorgeous macaron shop that can be found near the Celebration Lakeside Park. Here you will probably try some of the best macarons you will ever eat in your life. They are airy, fresh and can be found on a variety of flavors. Bubblegum, raspberry, coconut, chocolate. You name it, they have them all. Among other treats they also serve ice cream and different types of chocolate. The packaging in the box of 6 makes them ideal for gifts as well.

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4. Chewy Boba Company

1212 E Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL 32803

Even though its primary destination is not macarons, Chewy Boba Company offers some of the best sweets you will find in Orlando. It also has an excellent reputation and customer service. The atmosphere is fun and warm. Besides the tea and the coffee, the macarons you will taste here are a treat.  If you have just finished your dinner and are looking for a nice place to end it all, then this is the place to be.

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5. Lamounier Macarons & Chocolats

6785 Narcoossee Rd. #212, Orlando, FL 32822

Lamounier Macarons & Chocolats is located in the Narcoossee Road in Orlando. This hidden gem boasts a beautiful decor and a very warm atmosphere. The business is run by a local family and you can be sure every treat is made with love and passion. The macarons are super fresh and are offered in different flavors such as passion fruit, chocolate, pumpkin spice, strawberry etc.

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How We Bought an RV During Covid

Trailer, RV, life, road

What in the world did I get myself into?

Most people dream of owning an RV and being able to take occasional family road trips. An upgrade to camping or glamping as they call it.  But there are a lot of things that can go wrong, like… kids constantly fighting and hearing it through paper-thin walls, cleaning out the poop tank praying there won’t be a nasty clog, and living with a spouse that you either get along with or want to divorce. 

This is something I never envisioned signing up for. Ever.

Rewind to many months ago, October 2020 to be exact, when Covid was taking over the world. It seemed like the world had gone stale and nothing was normal. The sheer thought of adventure seemed more intriguing than ever. 

Sitting at home during lockdown was starting to feel like I was in the looney bin. I had to do something drastic, so my kids and I took a road trip to St.Louis, MO to visit my parents. We technically weren’t suppose to leave town but the rebel in me had to do it. It was a different kind of road trip than usual because, for one, I haven’t seen them in months. And two, on the way back from St.Louis, I started noticing something I haven’t really noticed before. 

It was RV’s. 

Tons of RVs. 

‘Hmm’, I thought, ‘how cool would it be to own an RV and just travel around in your own house from state to state?’. 

Well, this was a new thought. 

Ask me 5 years ago what I thought of the RV life, and I would have said ‘never in a million years’. 

Being me, of course, I like stability and the predictability of forthcoming vacations. But what just happened? Did I just wish to have an RV? This was certainly something I never saw coming.

When I got home, which by the way, I always loved coming to my spacious, all-white, beautiful minimalistic home after a long stay elsewhere. 

I walked into the kitchen where my husband, Mark was on the laptop and just as I saw him sitting at the kitchen table, word vomit came out.

“I want an RV.”


Mark looks at me, and I look at him. There was a moment of silence. The sides of his mouth started to form a smile. Now, this is ironic because my husband who thrives on adventure has been lowkey showing me youtube videos over the past 3 years of these, wait, cue the dramatic music… couples who sell all their belongings to go completely debt-free, off the grid, and live in a converted old school bus they now call home.

Not to mention live off their life savings. Do they have millions saved up somewhere to travel around lavishly like that?

And then I would lowkey roll my eyes as far as I could because that is something I would never imagine doing. It was one of those moments of never say never. And deep down inside I knew he got me good. Because I think I was falling for one of his “youtube traps”. You know… the ones when they start hinting subtly via youtube and slowly brainwashing you. 

Anyways, as he continues on his laptop, he opens a tab up on Facebook marketplace and begins to type in the search bar. The page loads and immediately we see something that grabs our attention. An older RV with a reasonable price. 

My thought was that I didn’t want to hash out tens of thousands of dollars on a motor home that would be sitting on our driveway the rest of our lives in case we didn’t like traveling in an RV, so of course, budget was a huge factor to us. We also didn’t mind anything that was old because we wanted to remodel it.

The process of renovation was quite familiar to us because, at that time, we were also flipping a 2000 square foot unit. It was a full gut with a ton of work laid out for us to do. And now adding an RV renovation?

What were we getting ourselves into? Well…

The next day my husband and I drove out to see the motorhome. The owner showed us the ins and outs of the RV, which neither I nor Mark knew anything about. 

We asked lots of questions and really wanted to know what kind of maintenance or updates it needed. It had two slides, one in the back, and one in the front. As soon as it all expanded, boy, was there a lot of room. You could practically ride a scooter inside!

Long story short, we walked away. We didn’t make a deal, we didn’t say anything because we wanted to go home and think about this big purchase. 

Literally, a big purchase. 

We thanked the man and as we were walking away, Mark and I turned to each other, and both said “let’s make a deal”. We giggled like little girls, called out to the owner from afar, shook his hand, and made the deal. 

What made it more exciting was that we didn’t even tell our kids about what was going on.

We picked them up from school, drove out to hand the check over, and in return received the keys to our very own RV!! The kids were beyond themselves, jumping and asking to ride in the big white bus. Ahh… the start of a new chapter, there’s nothing like it. 

Did I ever think this day would happen? Never in a million years. But you know what, I figured it would ultimately be the day that skyrockets the trajectory in our life. A new start, a new adventure, a new life. 

5 BEST Latin American Restaurants Foodies Must Try! CHICAGO

Empanada - French fries
empanadas, fried, chicago

Best Latin American Food in Chicago

Everyone needs a taste of home, here are some of the best Latin American food in Chicago.

1. Irazu Costa Rican Restaurant

1865 N Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL 60647

Serving the cuisine and flavor of our country since 1990 has been the ultimate American dream turned reality for our family. We feel fortunate to have the unique opportunity to share a wide sample of our traditional home-cooked foods to the Chicago–land area.

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2. La Sirena Clandestina

954 W Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60607

La Sirena Clandestina recalls the sneak-away beachside joints of Coastal Brazil that inspire its name ‘hidden mermaid.’ Chef John Manion serves Latin-local fare with distinct influences that draw on his childhood in Brazil as well as two decades cooking in Chicago.

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3. Ronero

738 West Randolph St. Chicago, IL 60661

Ronero” or a “Maestro Ronero” by definition, is someone who has mastered the art of distilling rum. The menu is meant to take guests on a journey through South America – highlighting flavors from Colombia, Brazil, Peru and Argentina. Their space pulls inspiration from the Art Deco era mixed with rustic Colonial to emulate the perfect Latin American backdrop. Refined yet casual, we encourage patrons to stay late as an evening at Ronero never ends right after dinner…

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4. CRĪO Bar and Restaurant

2506 N Clybourn Ave. Chicago, IL 60614

Visit Us Every Last Tuesday of The Month for our Special Taco Tuesday.

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5. Carnivale

702 W Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60661

Chef Cuadros maintains that his true passion is for Latin food, but his dishes bear the influence of cuisine he has sampled in South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Caribbean. His professional training and his unique experiences enable him to create culinary marvels for anyone who chooses to dine at Carnivale in Chicago’s West Loop.

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