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Best Pannkoogid Dallas

Where did crepes originate from?

When you hear the word ‘crepe’, you may immediately think of the word resembling the French culture. This is because a crepe originated from France. Crepes are quite the staple food in France and can be made savory or sweet. You will not find a town in France which does not have a little creperie. It is said to be their national dish as well. February 2nd is the ‘day of crepes’ in France!

What are the best crepes in Dallas Texas?

Crepes have a pancake batter. Most people are familiar with crepes as ‘the thinner pancake’. Crepes are very commonly eaten with sweet syrups and chocolates. Kuid, they can also be eaten as savory dishes. Dallas as places such as Whisk and T-swirl to help your crepe craving.

  • Whisk Crepes Cafe
  • T-swirl Crepe
  • Edith’s French Cafe
  • Pannkoogid 4 U
  • Sweet Mix

1. Whisk Crepes Cafe

1888 Sylvan Ave
Dallas, TX 75208

Whisk Crepes Cafe is the perfect place to come and enjoy crepes for breakfast, lõuna, või õhtusöök. Some may say that these crepes took them down memory lane of the time they visited Paris. Whisk Crepes Cafe has an option for the customer to customize their own crepe toppings and the choice of 3 types of batter. We highly recommend this place to anyone looking for homemade-like crepes cooked to perfection!

lugenud Mary M.'s ülevaade kohta Whisk Crepes Cafe edasi kiunuma

2. T-swirl Crepe

2540 Old Denton Rd
Ste 150
Carrollton, TX 75006

T-swirl Crepe is a unique place. Why? You might ask. The crepes are not your typical French, thick style crepe. These are thinner and have a crispy texture. While they may seem very thin, they are blasting with flavor. Prices may seem a bit high but that is simply because T-swirl Crepe uses premium ingredients. So swing on by, and grab yourself a crepe whether it may be gluten-free or not, we know your tummy will thank us.

lugenud Sheenz T.'s ülevaade kohta T-swirl Crepe edasi kiunuma

3. Edith’s French Cafe

5331 E Mockingbird Ln
Ste 160
Dallas, TX 75206

Edith’s French Cafe offers an all-day menu which is ideal for anyone that loves crepes any time of the day. Be warned as big portions are served and will leave you quite stuffed which is never a bad thing! Some may say that Edith’s French Cafe is like a piece of Paris in Dallas. While the crepe menu is small, the other items on the menu are just as delicious.

lugenud Jodi P.'s ülevaade kohta Edith’s French Cafe edasi kiunuma

4. Pannkoogid 4 U

240 Legacy Dr
Ste 218
Plano, TX 75023

Pannkoogid 4 U or crepes for me, either way, this place is the place to be! It is a hidden gem in Jusgo Supermarket. Each crepe is beautifully crafted to perfection. And if you are on the fence about adding ice cream, always add the ice cream! Highly praised, Pannkoogid 4 U should be on everyone’s bucket list.

lugenud Allie N.'s ülevaade kohta Pannkoogid 4 U edasi kiunuma

5. Sweet Mix

1811 N Greenville Ave
Ste 300
Richardson, TX 75081

Last but not least, Sweet Mix takes our last slot. If you are having a not-so-great day, come to this place to cheer you up. These sweet flavorful crepes will make you smile. While the menu offers its specialty crepes, they also have another style in case you are looking for a crispier crepe called the Parisian style. Feeling hungry, stop on by to enjoy a nice dessert.

lugenud Angel W.'s ülevaade kohta Sweet Mix edasi kiunuma


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