Everything You Need to Know About Edibles!


Edibles are treats that are infused with cannabis. There is virtually no limit to the possible foods that can be made with cannabis, including cookies, gummies, nut mixes, and chocolate. You can pretty much make any type of edibles you desire. A good option for those with a sweet tooth is to make cannabis candy. But why would you want to make cannabis edibles and what are the different types?

Well, let’s take a moment to look at some of the benefits of these special treats.


  • Cannabis edibles are an excellent way to enjoy cannabis and its benefits without directly smoking or inhaling it.
  • Cannabis edibles can be enjoyed in a wide range of options, including candy, cookies, and even medical lozenges.
  • Cannabis edibles are really delicious and a definite treat. Often, they may even taste better than the traditional version made without cannabis.
  • For those who want the full effects of THC, many users report getting a stronger high from edibles than from smoking or vaping the THC. In addition, the high from THC edibles often lasts longer than the high from smoking.
  • You can buy a variety of edibles from cannabis dispensaries. Or you can be adventurous and make a variety of edibles at home based on your individual tastes and needs.


When you consume cannabis edibles, your body processes the THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, differently than it does when you smoke or vape marijuana. As a result, you may find yourself experiencing the following:

  • A more intense high.
  • A stronger body high.
  • A high that lasts longer and is more intense.
  • A greater level of relaxation.
  • Increased pain relief.

Edibles are certainly the most potent way to consume cannabis. However, the potency of the edible will vary depending on the product and the milligrams of THC per serving.

The typical dose of THC is 5 to 10 mg per serving. In the state of Colorado, 10 mg is now officially defined as a serving. Edibles sold in a store will be clearly marked with the dosage for each cookie, brownie, lozenge, energy shot, etc.

In addition, the manufacturer will also make sure that each individual item contains only a single serving of THC. It can be more difficult to determine the exact proportions as the highest concentration of THC is found in the flowers and buds of the cannabis plant. If you are going to cook or bake with cannabis, it is best to use an oil-based ingredient like butter or vegetable oil since they are necessary to dissolve the capitate glands and release the THC.

There are a few other basic ways of using the cannabis plant for cooking: you can use it to make cannabutter or cannabis alcohol, depending on the type of edible you are making. You can even use cannabis oil in place of regular oil in recipes. No matter how you use cannabis, you will need to use either the plant leaves, clippings, or the buds, which are often the preferred form of the plant for making cannabutter.

Just because cannabis edibles can be made with THC, getting high is not the only possible benefit of consuming cannabis edibles. There is also the option of making CBD edibles. Let’s consider the benefits of making CBD edibles.


CBD is a versatile and safe ingredient for making cannabis edibles with no side effects. The best part of making your own CBD edibles is that you can choose the specific amount of CBD oil or butter you want in your edibles. You can also make a range of edibles from a tasty sweet treat to healthy foods.

Unlike THC edibles, CBD edibles allow you to be relaxed without having to worry about getting high which can cause side effects such as anxiety or paranoia. CBD edibles offer different benefits from THC edibles, including the following:

  • CBD recipes, both medical and non-medical, don’t require a gourmet cook to create. Many CBD edible recipes are simple and easy to follow even for those with very minimal cooking knowledge.
  • Once you learn how to make a variety of CBD edibles, they can be a great alternative to smoking marijuana.
  • When you make CBD edibles, it gives you a range of options to treat your medical needs, from pain relief to fighting cancer; all found in the comfort of a home-baked cookie or a sweet hard candy to help you relax.
  • Cooking with CBD products such as CBD oil is sometimes legal in places where smoking cannabis is typically illegal.
  • Effects from CBD edibles have a slower onset but are stronger and last longer than when you smoke cannabis.

It may seem like CBD and cannabis edibles are both the same, when in fact they are quite different. Let’s look at the difference between them to help you understand the best option for you.


CBD and THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, are both cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant. However, CBD edibles are becoming a popular alternative to THC edibles. This is due to the fact that while eating THC can be a very intense experience, CBD oil only contains trace amounts of THC, so you can consume CBD edibles to get the medical benefits of marijuana without getting the typical “high” associated with ingesting or smoking THC.

If you don’t want to smoke or can’t smoke, then CBD edibles are a great alternative. They are also ideal for those who find normal marijuana products too strong. Edibles are also good for medicinal purposes since they have a gradual onset that lasts longer.

CBD oil can also become a regular part of a healthy diet since it is high in amino acids and omega 3 oils. CBD edibles are also an excellent option for people who have food restrictions and those who are picky when it comes to the foods they eat.

Plus, when you make any type of cannabis edibles, you get to do some fun experiments in the kitchen. With the right ingredients and just a little bit of time, making cannabis edibles can be a very rewarding use of your time.

So now that you understand why you should consider cannabis edibles, consider taking the next step to learn how you can prepare cannabis to use in making edibles.