Lavs Guide Media Internship

Lavs Guide Media is pleased to offer you an educational internship opportunity. The internship is a publishing, media, article based internship that ends in 6 months though shorter internships are a regular occurrence. Longer Internships are available for students who want to further build experience and be part of the organization for an extended time.

As this internship is purely academic in nature and for your express, educational benefit only, you will not receive any financial benefits and/or compensation. You will not be an employee of the Lavs Guide as a result of participating in this internship, nor will you be entitled to employment with the Lavs Guide upon its conclusion.

Upon completion of the internship, Some students choose to stay on another internship term, or move on to another company to further their experience and resume, or we may offer freelance writing work.

While participating in this internship, you acknowledge that your obligations include the following: No Forgery, No Plagiarism, No use of unauthorized images or videos.

Performance of all tasks allocated to you, completed to the best of your ability. The senior editor will actively review work created and add different aspects of the process ranging from writing, royalty free image process, custom “lavs” video production, Fast infographic creation, Pinterest marketing, Media branding.

Intern agrees to Compliance with all lawful and reasonable directions and instructions given to you by employees of the Lavs Guide; Compliance with any and all applicable Lavs Guide policies and procedures. 

You will not disclose confidential information to any third party, nor will you use confidential information other than for its purpose. You will not present or slander the company in any negative context.

The Lavs Guide owns and retains all rights at all times to the intellectual property. Any intellectual property you may develop while participating in the internship will be assigned to and vest in the Lavs Guide immediately as created.

This internship may be terminated prior to the end date at the sole discretion of the Company.  Additionally, this document does not serve as an employment contract, but rather it specifies the goals, intent and details of your internship.  

This letter constitutes the complete understanding between you and Lavs Guide Media with respect to the internship.

By Filling out the form below you agree to all terms of this internship.