Maize + Mash, Glen Ellyn, IL

Maize + Mash

September 2018

Maize and Mash is located in the heart of Glen Ellyn, a suburb of Chicago. And is one of the hottest spots around town. If are visiting, this is definitely a restaurant you want to visit. 

The atmosphere is inviting and cozy with dark walls, and rustic wooden tables. The decor is trendy and is a great place to have bunch or dinner. 

Here is the breakdown what I ordered:

Shrimp and Grits: 5/5 Wow, this dish blew my mind. I had to lick the plate clean it was that good. (You don’t want to sit by me, I WILL embarrass you). It had bbq sauteed shrimp, creamy bacon cheddar grits, with cajun brown butter. This is a dish I would order over and over. 

Glen Ellyn, IL

Tuna Salad: 3.5/5. I rated this salad above average because it wasn’t just another regular salad, it had some pizzazz. What made this salad so flavorful were the jalapenos. I have had better tuna salads, but for now we will rate it as 3.5. It had sashimi tuna dressed w/ pear + balsamic vinaigrette, avocado, grilled pears, pickled ginger, cucumber, watermelon radish, macadamia nuts, jalapeno, shaved parmesan, served over mixed greens. 

Maize and Mash, tuna salad

Mac and Cheese: 4/5 Yum! This was good! Portioned perfectly and great side to have to your salad if you choose to. Creamy macaroni, garnished with crunchy crumbs and parsley. 

glen ellyn, cheese, macaroni

Local Burger: 5/5! Maize and Mash  is not a burger joint, but boy do they know how to make an amazing burger! Cooked and seasoned perfectly. The 8 oz patty was very juicy, and you know it’s a good burger if all the juices run down your fingers. It doesn’t stop there. The fries deserve a major shout out as well. After one fry, you will find yourself addicted to the crunch of every bite. Trust me, you won’t stop till you drop, or get into a food coma. 

Maize and Mash, Burger

Final Thoughts

Whatever the occasion, you have to visit this restaurant. The food and atmosphere is perfect for dates, birthdays, or as simple as a Sunday brunch with family. 


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