Osteria Bigolaro, Geneva, IL Review

Osteria Bigolaro| Was it Worth it?

What made me do it?

I am usually a taco or ramen kinda gal. But today was different. I felt different. I was craving some fresh pasta. And it felt right. Who am I kidding, food is food! I’ll eat anything. (Okay, except chicken liver, live octopus, or tuna eyeballs. That stuff just freaks me out.)

Anyways, for lunch, I already set my eyes on a restaurant, because that’s what I usually do 80% of the time. What. You don’t plan where you are having your next breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Just me?

I knew I wanted to try this place out for quite some time and this was a perfect time. I mean, it’s pasta, it’s always the perfect time.

About Italian Food

We are all familiar with Italian food, whether it be pizza or spaghetti. The key to delicious Italian food is simplicity. The quality of food is superior to the number of ingredients. The best way to ensure that you have the best ingredients is by using produce that is in season.

Did you know that fresh pasta only requires two ingredients?! Most people are intimidated by fresh pasta. Not the eating part, the making it part, ha. The two main ingredients are eggs and flour. Then cook for 2-3 minutes versus the boxed pasta which takes 8-12 minutes and that’s all we need for deliciousness.

The main difference between fresh and boxed pasta is that fresh pasta is more tender, so that first bite is going to be a nice delicate texture. Dried pasta is going to have more firm texture.

What I ordered:

Now that I’ve laid the groundworks. It’s time to dig in and give you the breakdown of what I ordered.

Housemade Burrata

When the waiter placed this amazing plate on our table, I was so excited. I could not wait until we sliced that baby open to reveal that creamy texture. The other elements on the dish were, butternut squash puree, brown butter vinaigrette, fried sage, and toasted pumpkin seeds. Needless to say, this dish was a great start!

Side Salad

Along with the pasta dishes and burrata that was ordered, I had to get a side salad to complete my meal. It had mixed greens, agrodolce roasted carrots, shaved shallot, and a charred lemon vinaigrette seasoned to perfection.

Geneva, Osteria, Bigolara, Illinois


You wanna talk about heavenly? Well, this is it. Look at that egg yolk ready to be broken and mixed into that fresh pasta. This dish has only a few ingredients; crispy pork jowl, egg yolk, and fresh black pepper but packed with a ton of flavor.

Osteria, Bigolaro, Geneva, Illinois


The last dish was the campanile. Might I add that the fried sage in this dish certainly elevated the flavors by tenfold? I was melting into my seat eating this dish. It had butternut squash, roasted fennel, candied pistachios, and of course, fried sage. Truly an exceptional way to end the meal.

Geneva, Illinois, Osteria, Bigolaro

Was it worth it?

Wow, this place blew me away. My body clearly needed that dose of fresh pasta, because I was very pleased with the quality and flavors each dish had to offer. YES! It was worth it! I would be lying if I hadn’t already told my family about this place. Defiantly would recommend this gem to my friends and family.