Pho Thien Vietnamese Kitchen, Naperville, IL

Pho Thien

About Pho

Pho, pronounced as (Fuh) has become very popular over the American population. It is defiantly one of my favorite Vietnamese dishes. I think I owe it to my kids for becoming a pho connoisseur because that is the only thing we order when we go out. I have been eating it once or twice a week at different places and have developed an appreciation for the variations of this dish, but not all Pho is good Pho and that is why I do my research.

Pho Thien Vietnamese Kitchen has become one of my favorite Pho restaurants in the suburbs. The place is clean, and staff is very friendly. The atmosphere is casual and family-friendly. The food is great too!

Here is the breakdown:

Pho Tai (Flank steak and noodles): 4.5/5. Very clean taste, the broth is smooth and beefy. When the soup comes out, the noodles are not clumped together. This is a good thing! They should never be clumped together, that’s a sign that the noodles were either overcooked or a certain technique wasn’t used properly to keep them from sticking together. If you are a beginner and had never tried Pho before, this is a great place to start. The broth is the main element in the dish and when it is bursting in flavor, you know it was done right.

Canh Ga Chien Nuoc Mam – House Special Wings: 4/5 Marinated in fish sauce, then fried, these are delightful and mild. Every bite begins with a crunchy, followed by juicy meat.

Naperville, Illinois

Strawberry smoothie with boba: 5/5 This is by far the MOST beautiful smoothie presented in a Vietnamese restaurant. You will usually see the typical plastic cup and lid, but not here! They put your smoothie in a mason jar, which then has a chalkboard label with their name written in chalk. It doesn’t stop there. The smoothie is then topped off with whipped cream and a straw. And the flavor is on point. They use all natural ingredients, everything from scratch and non of that fake flavoring. I was very pleased to say the least.

Below you will see the beautifully presented smoothie in hand. Along with their Passion fruit iced green tea. Also very good!

Naperville, Smoothie, Boba

I would rate this place a 4 out of 5, it is delicious every time we come here and my kids love it. (That means a lot, and I mean a lot. They are the most pickiest eaters out there!) If you are venturing out of your typical Tuesday night dinner, I would recommend trying out this restaurant for a change. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Let me know where your favorite Pho restauraunt is in the comments below!