Sushi-San, Chicago, IL


Located near North Chicago, Sushi-San is a hot spot for sushi and omakase. As soon as you walk in, you will feel a laid back atmosphere. I chose to check out this place with high hopes it would match the hype it held. Here are some of the items I tried and their ratings.

So here is the breakdown of what I ordered:

Roasted Edamame: 5/5. Hands down the best edamame I have EVER had! This was a new technique I haven’t seen before. They char grilled the edamame with a hint of sesame oil. It elevated the flavor to another level. You MUST order these the next time you choose to venture out.

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Crispy Ginger and Salmon roll: 4.5/5 Very nice roll! Crunchy texture, and flavorful. The ingredients worked well and for each other. Made with Faroe Island salmon, and pickled lotus root.  (Below on the left)

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Otoro-Otoro Nigiri 5/5
If you are to splurge on nigiri, you MUST get the otoro -otoro. Yes, the double otoro! That fish literally melts in your mouth! A bit on the pricey side, you will not regret it once you take that bite. The rice of the nigiri is sweet, just how it’s supposed to be. Each fish has wasabi paste under it to act as a glue and level up the flavor.

Otoro Nigiri: 5/5. The Otoro is great too! Fresh and very fatty.

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Red Snapper Nigiri: 5/5. Mild in flavor, and very delightful.

Hamachi Nigiri: 4/5. A bit more fishy than the red snapper, but still nice flavor.

Salmon Nigiri: 4/5 Soft and tender, very mild.

Uni: 5/5 And the last is Uni. This is some quality uni, very sweet, and creamy and a slight bitterness at the end. It was so good I had to go for round two.

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Emochi: 5/5. If you are still itching for dessert, the mochi balls are delicious and complete the dinner. I mean, look at these mochi balls! Have you seen anything like it?!

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Final thoughts

Came here hungry, left happy. I had a positive experience and the food was fantastic. This is definitely a place I would come again and again. If you are in the area, do yourself a favor and visit this restaurant, your belly will not regret it!