The BEST Food Districts! ORLANDO

Quick History of Food Districts

The history of restaurants dates back to as early as 1900s and is an interesting story. The founder of Rosen inn, Mr. Harris Rosen had moved to America and he worked in a restaurant. He wanted his family to come and experience this good life with him. In the end, he formed his own restaurant and he was possible to relocate his family. Over the decades, he has bought other hotels and built an empire of his own in the hotel industry. All this was birthed by the idea that food districts should be family oriented places with stop shops for families to enjoy an outdoor meal.

Food districts have since grown to places that feature more fun spots and this goes beyond restaurants. The modern investor has realized that people want a place they can have time to meditate, eat, have fun, listen to live music, stroll their pets, and walk into a gift shop, before they return home to start another busy week.

Some of the top food districts in Orlando are named below.

  • The District Mills

A decent place to have coffee and still offers you a groceries corner to shop, art, and other assorted drinks. You can also get jewelry at the District mills, and this makes it a modern woman’s kind of stop over because she can catch up with a friend and still do some shopping for self and for the evening as she heads home.

  • Disney Springs

Characterized by the design of a one stop shop, it serves everyone. There are fun places for kids, and lots of food stalls to choose from. Whether you are watching what you eat like vegetarians, or you want to be a little extra with meat, there is a store to serve you owing to the selection of restaurants they have. This is such a relief to any parent or guardian. Instead of having to walk into separate malls on a weekend, the Disney springs is your best bet because you will fulfill all your needs within one long stop. It also saves you hustles about looking for parking slots especially on holidays.

  • Colonialtown District

The Colonialtown neighborhood is known for its pastel-painted mid-century bungalows and its vibrant dining scene. Hip locals eat at tapas bars, taquerias and pan-Asian spots, and hang out until late at taprooms, craft cocktail bars and cafes.