The BEST Free Public Events! ORLANDO

Brief History of Public Events in Orlando

Private events can be limiting especially if you or a family needs to pay for every member individually to get to the venue. The genesis of free public events came about to help cater to families who could not afford to attend other paid events across the country and to provide fun for everyone.

Moreover, it is a great way to bring people together to enjoy these public utilities and share ideas while they socialize in these events. These free public events are a good way to unwind a weekend away either alone, or with a loved one. Maybe you just want to learn more about a sport or a particular culture.

Sometimes, you are waiting to board a flight in the evening and you have a day left to spend. A day is too short to make it to visit the countryside and be back in time to catch your flight. These free public events in the town side, accommodate such tourists in Orlando who are looking for places to hang out as they pass time.

  • Nerd Nite Orlando

It is a large free public event in Orlando that takes place on the second Thursday of every month. It opens doors for people to come and think as well as drink. It features 3 sets, with each having presentations or about 20 minutes. These presentations are from native speakers who share about what they ‘nerd about’. It starts at about 7 pm.

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  • The Mennello Museum of American Art

In this art museum, sculptures and paintings are displayed. There are also lots of work done by Earl Cunningham. It offers free admission for families and individuals on most days and this makes it a very inexpensive way to spend your weekend.

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  • Music at the Casa

The Casa Feliz was James Gamble Rodgers’ 2 home. He was a great architect. Currently, this home is a museum for live music. It is free and open on Sundays between noon and 3 pm.

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  • Disney Springs

This is a perfect dinner date place. It is a huge outdoor space featuring shopping venues, entertainment parks, and places where you can have endless dining. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that you can visit without having to spend any money because it is free unless you want to shop. The parking is also free. You can listen to live performers and watch other ongoing events for free as you enjoy your packed snacks on the parks.

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  • Austin’s Coffee

It is more than a coffee shop. It features spots for caffeinating, dining, relaxing, and entertainment. It runs for 24 hours and makes it a perfect shop to run into whether you are a visitor who has landed in this town too early or a citizen who wants to be out at night. Open mic poetry, Open mic comedy, and jazz jams make it even a better place to spend a free evening here.

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