The BEST Places For Selfies! ORLANDO

Top places for selfies in Orlando.

Orlando is home to many tourist attractions, most of which would make fantastic spots to take a selfie. The origin of the selfie dates back to 1839 when an American photographer, Robert Cornelius took a self-portrait of himself. A ‘selfie’ is a word that is used to describe a self-portrait, a photograph you take of yourself usually taken using a mirror or a camera held at arm’s length. The word selfie was actually chosen as the word of the year in 2013 by the Oxford English Dictionary and is described as; “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.” And thus the selfie was born.

There are several major spots for taking selfies in Orlando and many people have visited these sites in order to take selfies and make memories in these famous attractions in Orlando

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  • Volcano Bay

The volcano bay is a water-themed park designed to give you a great selfie experience for you and your family. Some of the major attractions at volcano bay include the Krakatau Volcano, which is a 200 m tall artificial volcano. This is the major attraction since it has three-drop capsule slides, which are the tallest in America, presenting a perfect selfie opportunity. The park employs the Tapu Tapu ride reservation system in order to reduce the long queues due to a high number of visitors. Volcano Bay is also home to the Wave Village, the River Village, and the Rainforest Village, which contains a set of different water experiences in the different types of pools found inside them. Volcano Bay is always ready to serve up an unforgettable weekend for you and your family while also offering great selfie spots.

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  • Cinderella’s castle

This is inarguably one of the major attractions if not the most attractive place to visit whenever one visits the Walt Disney World in Orlando. The iconic castle is at the center point of the Magic Kingdom and a sight that will take your breath away as you walk down Main Street USA. At night, there is always the spectacular ‘Happy Ever After’, which is a dazzling fireworks spectacle, which is designed to make your selfie even more special. In addition, if you have a daughter that is obsessed with princesses, this is the perfect place to take selfies with the princesses who come around the tables at the restaurants for photos. This is ultimately a very iconic selfie spot.

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  • Lake Eola Park

This is one of the iconic jewels of Orlando and has an endless amount of photograph opportunities. This park is also home to annual firework displays and many festivals and art shows, which would also offer numerous opportunities to take selfies. You could also take a selfie while riding in the numerous swan boats, which can be found all around Lake Eola. Being ‘engulfed’ in the stone hands of the ‘Muse Of Discovery’ sculpture would also offer a great selfie opportunity. The park also has amazing views of downtown Orlando and the reflections off the water offer a good selfie opportunity.