The Crepe Shop, Chicago, IL | Did I LAV It?

The Crepe Shop

Crepes, Crepes, Crepes!

Who doesn’t like crepes?! If you are looking for a delicious place to enjoy some crepes, look no further. Located on 2928 N. Broadway, in the heart of East Lakeview, you will find this amazing crepe shop. As soon as you come in through the doors, a whiff of newly made crepes will fill your nostrils. The freshly made coffee will wake you up and the atmosphere will surely make you smile.

The menu has both savory and sweet crepes which are perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Honestly, any part of the day is a great time to head over and get a delicious treat. The Crepe Shop offers gluten-free crepes, as well as vegetarian options. The owners of this place continue to grow its menu and add new delicious items.

Whether it’s hot or cold, rain or shine, a crepe is always appropriate to indulge. Don’t forget your table manners, as it may be very tempting to lick your plate clean when you’re done. But if you must, make sure no one is looking.

Here is what I ordered:

Fromage A Trois:

From the creamy cheese inside to the crispy cheese on top, the textures of both worlds make it quite delightful. Then garnished with watercress and radish for a grand finale. I thought this crepe was exceptional and would defiantly recommend this dish to my cheese lover friends.

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Ham and Cheese

Continuing with the love of cheese, we have our Ham and Cheese crepe. Yes ladies and gents, topped with an egg. A breakfast favorite and dinner winner, all in one. This classic crepe takes me back to France, it’s that good! Also, pair this dish with your favorite coffee drink and you will not regret it.

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Honey and Truffle

Next is the Honey and Truffle crepe. It’s both sweet and savory with a flavor combination that takes you to cloud 9. Just look how amazing this crepe looks! It is made with fontina, honey, truffle oil, arugula & candied pecans.

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Lemon Curd

When life gives you lemons, make lemon curd crepes. The sweet and bright flavors of this dish are perfectly balanced. The poppy seeds add texture and elevate the essence of the lemon curd flavor. If you like lemon bars, you will surely love this crepe!

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Wild Berry Cheesecake

I love this crepe so much, one of my favorites! The wild berry sauce in the crepe is very sweet, made with blueberry, raspberry, blackberry coulis, and cheesecake filling. I must say, cheesecake is better in crepe form than it is in cake form.

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Did I LAV It?

The Crepe Shop has everything I need; coffee, crepes, and a good atmosphere. What else does a girl that loves crepes need?

I am impressed with the quality of ingredients and the care shown in plating these amazing dishes. It certainly surpasses my expectation as I LAV crepes. You know it’s a good crepe day when you go to The Crepe Shop in Chicago. I would give this restaurant a 5/5 rating.

Just a side note: they have added a new item recently; Turkey and Spinach crepe. Doesn’t that sound divine?! So be sure to keep a lookout for new flavors.

OK, I bet you are drooling at this point now. What are you doing still staring at the screen? Go to The Crepe Shop! Try out these scrumptious crepes and let me know what you think!

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