Mixing Marijuana & Magic Mushrooms| Is it Dangerous?


Effects of Mixing Marijuana & Magic Mushrooms

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to mixing marijuana & magic mushrooms? That’s probably why you’re here, right? To make sense of how to mix this uneven duo of the psychedelic world, we’ll look at what happens when marijuana and magic mushrooms join hands in the center of the body. Please remember everyone’s body is different and may have other reactions as well.

It’s practically unsuitable to mix two drugs. Or is it…? Polydrug use usually influences bad trips, hospital trips, and sudden death. Nonetheless, consider the possibility of mixing two non-synthetic plants like marijuana and mushrooms.

Marijuana and magic mushrooms are amongst the top natural drugs consumed by individuals. One is the flower of a plant, while the other is a fungus. This has made people ask if it is safe to mix the two, and what are the effects?

What is Marijuana? What does it do to your body?

To experience how marijuana and magic mushrooms work together, we have first to understand how they work individually.

When you read articles online, you might discover cannabis has a lot of effects, which can be energizing, sedating, stimulating, relaxing, euphoric, and mellowing.

This is due to the numerous cannabis strains found in the market, which all offer different effects. These strains are usually classified under two primary categories, such as Sativa and Indica.

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Despite the strain, cannabis generally makes the user feel “extraordinary”: the eyes become brighter, and the ears become sharper. The mind runs along a distinct path, which might be bizarrely amusing, shockingly insightful, or somewhat annoying.

The user may experience high energy levels and a big appetite for delicious junk food. Because when the user is high, their taste buds and everything about food becomes so much more flavorful. After a good snack, the user may feel sleepy and relaxed.

What are Magic Mushrooms? What does it do to your body?

Consuming magic mushrooms makes the user feel unique energy flowing through their bodies. The user may see colors, patterns, or sounds differently. It usually offers peace of mind while making strange connections that come from the external environment —difficult life decisions become easy to handle. And may even help with solving life’s most difficult problems.

When users consume magic mushrooms, they may find it easy to speak truth to others and say exactly what’s on their mind. This can cause a sense of relief but may also be something that can bite you in the butt afterward. So that aspect of tripping is unpredictable, some people tend to say a lot, while others may just become very quiet.

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Generally, mushrooms deliver both upsides and downsides. They can bring humor, passion, love, while also bringing sorrow, fear, and anxiety.

If the mushrooms are used for therapeutic reasons, be prepared that the mushrooms will show you what you need and not necessarily what you want.

The set and setting are very important because the consequences come along with your initial mood. If you are feeling nervous and have lots of doubts, your trip may not be as successful as you have imagined. But if you are coming in with a calm and collective stance, you are more likely to have a good trip.

The acclaimed visualizations of mushrooms will differ depending on the batch and dose. On mushrooms, trends in the visual field turn into severe hallucinations: a messed-up tire turns into a coiled snake and a tree transforms into a smiling wizard. That being stated, the hallucinations aren’t delusions: the user usually realizes these hallucinations.

Some people have very intense hallucinations, while others have intense visuals when they close their eyes. They may see neon lights, geometric shapes, or be in another world. It depends on the person, setting, and dose.

How are Marijuana & Magic Mushrooms Similar?

Marijuana and magic mushrooms are similar in many ways. Both alter our perspectives in significant ways. They facilitate innovation, inspire joy and humor as well as improve the beauty of art and nature. They additionally have a negative side, opening pathways for internal demons and negative thoughts.

Cannabis and magic mushrooms contain significant compounds including THC and psilocybin that ignite the body. Cannabinoids and terpenes result in the entourage effect while psilocin, baeocystin, and various chemicals unite to deliver the mushroom effect.

What happens when I combine the Mixing of Marijuana & Magic Mushrooms?

When mixing magic mushrooms and cannabis, the mushroom trip should be the general focal point, but with marijuana, it helps to tame or exacerbate the trip. Most users report that marijuana shades the mushroom come-up which improves the peak.

What are the effects of Mixing Marijuana & Magic Mushrooms?

Positive effects

When you consume an energizing Sativa-dominant cannabis strain during a mushroom trip, it can help shift the experience for the better. The mixture of marijuana and mushrooms can drive the mind into euphoria and increase hallucinations. This is great for those who want to take fewer mushrooms and feel out the trip first, weed can always be added to make the experience more profound.

If the “high” is taking you towards a negative direction, cannabis can be used as a softener to bring you back, especially if you smoke cannabis regularly. Yet, some users have reported that weed has made their trip much more intense, causing it very hard to recognize reality.

The most effective way to mix cannabis and magic mushrooms is to smoke weed when you have finished consuming mushrooms, preferably 4 hours after your done with the trip. If you plan to smoke cannabis an hour after the trip, cannabis has the power to bring back the mushroom psychoactivity and can set you in for another hour trip.

Negative effects

Despite the positive results, both cannabis and mushrooms can tend to be harmful. If the science is correct, the user may become seriously disturbed with their demons. During stressful moments, cannabis and mushrooms can lead to confusion and chaos.

For some users, the intensity was a positive experience, while others say their trip was a nightmare. Weed has also been known to not only intensify but also linger the longevity of the trip.

Furthermore, there’s no certainty that cannabis will modify your trip; toking may worsen your period of clarity, leaving you in a state of lethargy and frustration. Coming out of the trip may be very tough depending on the dosage of both mushrooms and weed. It’s advisable to start your mushroom trip without marijuana.

How do I control the effects if I overdose?

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An overdose on marijuana is usually known as “greening out.” Don’t freak out. You’ll need to tell yourself that what you seem to be experiencing may be unpleasant. Its recommended to keep calm, find a quiet place, and take deep breaths.

Remember that the effects will begin to evaporate in a matter of minutes or hours (based on the strain and dosage). You will probably feel sleepy and may even remove excess sweat.

Some users attempt to sleep off the high, but other people may find it difficult to “turn off their brains.” When this happens, find a quiet place and take a brisk walk. However, for security measures, don’t walk if you feel dizzy or unable to get up. It’s important you lay down on your left side and wait for the effects to wear off.


The choice to mix cannabis and magic mushrooms is a personal decision. THC and psilocybin can be an incredible mixture: when mixed, ideally the marijuana can draw up the unusual and slacking portions of a shroom trip, offering a very delightful and pure experience.

Nonetheless, when you fail to plan the mixture, cannabis and mushrooms can bring drastic effects like paranoia.

It’s recommended to become comfortable with either magic mushrooms or marijuana before attempting both together and beginning with low dosages to test out how it acts on your body. Just remember, the setting, people, and the dosage is the ultimate factor in your trip.