Top 5 Free Things to do in Orlando, FL

Top Free Things to do in Orlando

About Orlando

Most people are familiar with Orlando Florida as home to Universal Studios and Walt Disney World Resort. Every year, Orlando welcomes over 70 million visitors who are looking for fun things to do while they’re there. Although many things do require an entry fee or payment, there are quite a lot of free things that you can do in Orlando. It’s no wonder visitors keep coming in year after year. Orlando is located in central Florida and is home to several first-class attractions. However, there are also affordable natural attractions that you can visit. Orlando has beautiful sceneries and fantastic art just waiting for you to discover and enjoy. Opening your eyes to new and different opportunities is the best part of life. Here are five free things that you can enjoy in Orlando, Florida.

What are the best free things to do in Orlando?

Although many things do require an entry fee or payment, there are quite a lot of free things that you can do in Orlando. From Disney Springs to downtown Lake Eola to Art Museums. It’s no wonder visitors keep coming in year after year.

  • Disney Springs
  • Tasty Takeover
  • Charles Hosmer Museum
  • Cornell Arts Museum
  • Lake Eola Park & Market

1. Disney Springs

1486 Buena Vista Dr. Orlando, Fl 32830

Disney Springs features free admission and covered parking. It was formerly known as Downtown Disney. It is located in the entertainment district at Walt Disney Resort. You can enjoy beautiful scenery and kid-friendly activities. The architecture is remarkable. The Lego store is an excellent place for your kids to enjoy their time.

You can too enjoy a ride on the water taxi; the taxi moves from one end of the park to the other, even if you don’t have a ticket to the other Disney venues, you can enjoy the view. If the ferry rides aren’t to your taste, then you can enjoy the Festival of the Masters.

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2. Tasty Takeover

2424 E Robinson St. Orlando, FL 32803

Tasty Takeovers are a weekly food event. It takes place every Tuesday from 6:30 pm – 10 pm. A gathering of local food trucks rotates every week so the food is always different. The food is great; you can bring your kids and your pets and enjoy the neighborly festivities and live music. If you’re a foodie, then you’ll definitely want to come out on Tuesday for this event. You can get a cold beer from one of the bars, grab a table, and enjoy the food and the atmosphere.

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3. Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art

445 N Park Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789

The Morse Museum is a fantastic museum located in the middle of Winter Park, Florida. It isn’t the biggest of museums, but you can find some exquisite pieces of stained lamps and glass. It is home to the most beautiful and inclusive collection of Louis Comfort Tiffany.

The museum also houses the interior chapel designed in 1893 by Charles Hosmer Morse for the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago.  There’s also a collection of 18th, 19th, and 20th-century American paintings as well as a great American poetry collection. Admission is free on selected public holidays as well as on Fridays from 4 pm – 8 pm, November through April.

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4. Cornell Fine Arts Museum

1000 Holt Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789

Art lovers in Orlando would get a kick out of Cornell’s excellent art museum. It houses over 5,000 art pieces.  You certainly don’t want to miss this diverse collection of art. The museum hosts some of the most distinguished, not to mention the oldest group of architecture in Florida.

It is a micro-museum with about four medium-sized exhibition rooms; you can go there with your friends or with your family. There’s a small play area for kids in the museum close to some of the sculptures, so you can leave them to have fun there while you appreciate the art.

Admission and parking are free, but you can donate if you wish. The museum is also close to Park Avenue, so when you’re done viewing all the wonderful artworks and impressionist paintings, you can go relax at the park, maybe grab a drink or a bite to eat.

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5. Lake Eola Park

512 E Washington St. Orlando, FL 32801

Lake Eola Park is also one of the greatest places to spend time in Orlando and for free. It is located in Downtown Orlando and offers over 43 acres for recreation and exploration. One of the goals of the park is to capture the beauty that is all around the Orlando area. If you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy location, then this is the place to go. You can go on a 0.9-mile walk around the lake and try to catch a glimpse of all that it has to offer, observe the huge swans, and peek at the infamous Fountain. The ride is also available on one of the swan-shaped paddle boats. Lake Eola Park also plays host to all kinds of events like festivals and movie shows.

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