5 BEST Macarons Foodies Must Try! DISNEY & ORLANDO

Top Macarons in Orlando

Where did the macaron come from?

Let’s clear out the air about some interesting things on macarons. First of all, even though nowadays they are the symbol of French pastries, they have not originated in France. That’s right. Their origins can be traced to Italy. The term ‘macaron’ comes from the Italian language and it actually means ‘fine dough’. It is technically a cookie sandwich.

Macarons can be traced back as far as the 8th century, even though back then they did not have the form we are accustomed to having today. They were very plain cookies and as almost all the sweets back then, they were made of almonds, egg whites, and sugar. The actual macarons that we have today, have firstly emerged during the 15th century in Italy and were served for a wedding in France. After that wedding, there was no turning back for French cooks.

Today we all know the delicious sandwiched filling macaron. The modern version of it is connected with Laduree, a famous pastry shop in Paris. This is why they are also the best-selling cookie in France and can be seen in almost every pastry around the town.

What are the best Macarons by Orlando & Disney?

And here is a fun fact many of you don’t know. Macarons even have their special day! Introduced in France, March 20th, it is known worldwide as the “Macarons Day”. So make sure to keep that date in mind if you want to eat some of these sweets for free.

  • Le Macaron French Pastries
  • Honey + Clover
  • Le Macaron
  • Chewy Boba Company
  • Lamounier Macarons & Chocolats

1. Le Macaron French Pastries

216 N Park Ave. Ste I, Winter Park, FL 32789

Le Macaron French Pastries can be found along the North Park Avenue. Their macarons taste heavenly. They literally inform you that you will get surprised when you bite them, and a surprise it is. There are so many tastes you can choose from such as chocolate, coffee, caramel, coconut and you can get around 6 of them for 15$. While that may not be the cheapest price, the quality surely justifies the price. The atmosphere is very friendly and if you suffer from a sweet tooth, this is certainly the place to visit.

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2. honey + clover

Orlando, FL

This little sweet pastry is located on the Central Business District. honey + clover prides itself in everything being organic and local.  Besides all the other sweets, macarons are one that you would not like to miss. They all taste light and come in many different flavors. They may be a bit on the pricey side, but the fact that all the ingredients are organic and sourced locally when possible makes up for that. They also accept custom orders and I’m sure that after ordering once, you will go back again for some more.

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3. Le Macaron

671 Front St. #110, Celebration, FL 34747

Le Macaron is a gorgeous macaron shop that can be found near the Celebration Lakeside Park. Here you will probably try some of the best macarons you will ever eat in your life. They are airy, fresh and can be found on a variety of flavors. Bubblegum, raspberry, coconut, chocolate. You name it, they have them all. Among other treats they also serve ice cream and different types of chocolate. The packaging in the box of 6 makes them ideal for gifts as well.

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4. Chewy Boba Company

1212 E Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL 32803

Even though its primary destination is not macarons, Chewy Boba Company offers some of the best sweets you will find in Orlando. It also has an excellent reputation and customer service. The atmosphere is fun and warm. Besides the tea and the coffee, the macarons you will taste here are a treat.  If you have just finished your dinner and are looking for a nice place to end it all, then this is the place to be.

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5. Lamounier Macarons & Chocolats

6785 Narcoossee Rd. #212, Orlando, FL 32822

Lamounier Macarons & Chocolats is located in the Narcoossee Road in Orlando. This hidden gem boasts a beautiful decor and a very warm atmosphere. The business is run by a local family and you can be sure every treat is made with love and passion. The macarons are super fresh and are offered in different flavors such as passion fruit, chocolate, pumpkin spice, strawberry etc.

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