Top 5 Grilled Cheese Foodies Must Try in Miami!!

Grilled, Cheese, Sandwich

1. Ms Cheezious

If you’re looking for a place to satisfy your adult grilled cheese cravings, welcome to Ms. Cheezious. They have everything from grilled cheese with mac and cheese inside to goat cheese and prosciutto grilled cheese. They also offer soups like tomato and jupiña or turkey chili. They are consistent with great quality and imagination in their grilled cheeses. You can even build your own grilled cheese with ingredients like Gruyere, Blue, Brie, Havarti cheeses or Prosciutto, Organic BBQ or Buffalo Tempeh, Tomato, Spiced Apples. And don’t forget about dessert with their S’mores Melt.

2. Blvd Baes

Blvd Baes is not the typical place that you would expect to get a grilled cheese, but even with all the awesome stuff that is on their menu we still found people raving over their 3-cheese grilled cheese. They offer a different take on grilled cheese with three kinds of cheese and green tomatoes on top.  

They also offer covered outdoor seating which is very Instagram worthy if I might add. With amazing portions, waitstaff and a whole lot of cheese is there really any other place you would want to be?

3. The Lobsta Trap

The Lobsta Trap is not your average restaurant, it is actually a food truck! They offer all different types of lobster and seafood, but the real treat is their lobster grilled cheese. The grilled cheese is made with 3 kinds of cheese, and fresh lobster and bread. Everything is extremely flavorful, fresh and cooked to perfection. You can tell they make it with love because it takes a while, but well worth it. With the way people rave about this truck it is defiantly a must-try next time we are out there.

4. La Sandwicherie

Locals say that if you go to La Sandwicherie, you must try a grilled cheese. You can make one however you like with 6 choices of cheese and 18 meat add on options, its almost too much to choose from. They also have sandwiches that resemble a grilled cheese like the smoked salmon Croque- aka a smoked salmon grilled cheese served with a side salad. All of their ingredients are super fresh and plentiful.

5. I Heart Mac & Cheese

While this place is known for its mac and cheese, the real star of the show is its customizable grilled cheeses.  You can choose from sourdough, gluten-free or wheat bread and you can add a protein, any veggies you want, and even mac and cheese. I Heart Mac and Cheese’s grilled cheeses come with a tomato soup dipper as well. They offer some healthier options as well such as salads and a cauliflower base option for their mac and cheese. This place offers the best of both worlds and a choice for everyone in the family.