Two Lights Seafood & Oyster, Chicago, IL

Two Lights Seafood & Oyster

Located in Old Town, this fairly new establishment has the heart of many surrounding locals. A place that has finesse and style. As soon as you walk in those doors, you immediately are greeted by a smile and good decor. New and trendy everything. Did their food match up though?

Here is the breakdown:

Hamachi Tiradito: 3/5¬† I thought it was very beautifully presented, but the finesse of the dish didn’t translate onto my palette. There were a lot of different flavors in the mix of one plate, and I was really rooting for it. It had hearts of palm, avocado creme, red finger hot chili, passion fruit, and macadamia.

Old town, fish, two lights

Tuna Poke Tacos: 5/5! This I would totally come back for again! The portions are a bit small but are packed with a lot of flavor. The shell was added texture and had a good crunch. It has avocado, tuna, spicy mayo in a wonton shell.

seafood, Chicago, old town

Grilled Spanish Octopus: 4/5. Almost died eating this. I mean literally. One of the pepper flakes went straight down my throat causing me to cough uncontrollably. Apparently the pepper flake sly dogged me and caught me off guard. I proceeded to chug everyone’s water to wash away the unforgivable chili flake. And that is the story of my first bite. Aside from the embarrassing scene, I continued to eat the octopus and was pleased with the tenderness and flavor. The moral of the story, watch out for those pepper flakes.

Whipped Crab Dip: 3/5. Made with Greek Yogurt, Dill-Vinegar Kennebec Chips, I felt there was a lack of flavor, maybe more so a lack of salt.

Oysters with Old Bay and Rhubarb Mignonette: 4.5/5 So usually I don’t go for oysters that are not in season. But decided to try them anyway because the sauces are uniquely made. One with a bit of vodka, and the other with rhubarb. Both very good sauces. The oysters were very small but packed with flavor, mild and a bit sweet.

Chicago, Old Town, Seafood

Overall this place is rated 3.5 in my book. This restaurant is very aesthetically pleasing and trendy. Food looks amazing when it comes out, unfortunately some dishes did not meet my expectations but I would recommend checking out this place and trying out the dishes out for yourself!