Want to Know the Best Tips for Making Weed Edibles?

Weed Edibles Infused With Marijuana

With most states in the US legalizing marijuana’s recreational and medical use, the psychoactive drug’s popularity is at an all-time high. More and more people are not only smoking weed but also using it as an ingredient for preparing delicacies. So, if you think cannabis finds widespread use as a psychedelic drug for getting high, then think again.

An increasing number of individuals resort to consuming weed as an ingestible by blending it with brownie mix or butter. Yes, you can rustle up baked goodies by infusing cannabis or cannabutter with the ingredients or prepare marijuana-infused bhang. And believe it or not, consuming cannabis offers you a stronger high compared to smoking weed.

What’s more, the hallucinogenic effects of ingesting dope tend to last much longer in comparison to inhaling vapors of marijuana. However, it takes time for the mind-altering effects of taking effect when you consume cannabis-infused edibles. So, owing to the slower delivery time, you could end up consuming an abnormal amount for expediting the hallucinatory process.

Therefore, you should exercise caution to avoid ingesting an unusually large quantity which could have a devastating effect on you. This blog walks through the tips as to how to make edibles using weed as an ingredient, and how much (or how little) to consume. You also learn about the different edibles you can make from marijuana and their effects.

What are Weed Edibles?

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Weed edibles are food products that are infused with marijuana. Although smoking marijuana is a common method of consumption, eating marijuana has quickly become popular in recent times. Brownies are one of the most common products that are infused with marijuana. However, you can eat any food infused with marijuana as per your choice.

One may even use marijuana-infused cooking oil for frying and searing food. Similarly, marijuana-infused butter can also be used directly on a prepared dish. Weed edibles are now commonly used across the states that legally allow consumption of marijuana.

Smoking vs. Eating Marijuana: Which is more dangerous?

Eating marijuana is more dangerous than smoking. There is a high possibility of over-dosage from the edibles. It takes a couple of minutes to experience the effect of smoking marijuana. On the contrary, edibles may take as much as 1-3 hours as it takes time for the food to be absorbed in the bloodstream through the liver. Thus as it takes longer, a user might end up consuming larger amounts of marijuana with a thought that the drug is not working.

Another difference comes concerning the THC content. It is really difficult to measure the amount of THC in weed edibles. Moreover, it is not mentioned in most of these products. For users consuming other medicines, there is a chance that the body might metabolize different amounts of THC. This may cause the THC levels within the bloodstream to increase by as much as 5-times. The symptoms of overdose from eating marijuana is severe than overdose of smoking marijuana.

Negative Effects of Marijuana Edibles

Overdose can lead to some adverse consequences. Some of the possible negative effects include:

  • Hallucinations
  • Psychotic Episodes
  • Panic Attacks
  • Paranoia
  • Impaired motor ability

What kind of edibles should you try for the 1st time?

The 1st step would be to select the high (or relief) you would like to experience.

Next, choose a product that meets the requirements. Although brownies and cookies are the most common edibles, you can try chocolate bars or gummies for a different experience. While chocolate is a favorite for all, there are several people consuming gummy supplements or vitamins.

There are different types of recipes that you might try to make yourself.

Is the consumption of weed edibles common?

As many as 40% 12th graders who used marijuana last year have reported having consumed weed edibles in medical marijuana states against 26% living in the non-marijuana states.

Possible Health Benefits of Eating Weed

In the past marijuana has been used for a range of medicinal benefits. Weed edibles have been used in the medical field and have been gaining popularity as an accepted natural treatment in a clinical setting. There are certain possible benefits like treatment of chronic pain, anxiety, and cancer-related symptoms. THC compound in marijuana is known for its psychoactive properties which are why including edibles might induce feelings of euphoria and relaxation. The presence of CBD offers pain-relieving and anxiety-reducing properties too.

These therapeutic compounds in the plant make it a powerful natural treatment for reducing symptoms and easing pain related to different health conditions. Products like weed-infused tinctures, oils, gummies, and pills are often prescribed for treating pain, poor appetite, and weight loss to patients suffering from cancer. It is also seen that these products are capable of reducing pain and muscle spasm to a significant level. Weed can also help in enhancing sleep quality, improving depression and anxiety, and relieving vomiting and nausea.

Today several pharmaceutical companies are manufacturing oral marijuana-derived treatments like Sativex, which is an oral spray that is often prescribed for treating muscle spasticity and pain. Although there are claims that marijuana products are prescribed and used for treating several ailments related to neurological disorders and digestive problems, there is limited research that completely backs these claims. Hence, the full therapeutic potential of marijuana remains unknown.

What can you make at home using weed?

Is it possible to get high without smoking or to draw in the fumes of burnt or vaporized weed extracts? Of course, you can by savoring a delicacy that is prepared using cannabutter or canna-oil as a base ingredient. Not only will the intoxicating effects of THC be more intense, but the effects will last for hours. Be sure to decarboxylate to activate the flower.

And the best way to make the most of marijuana edibles is to rustle up concoctions on your own. The following are some edibles that you prepare quite effortlessly in the comfort of your home kitchen.

Baked goodies

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Cannabis-laden baked goodies tend to be the most popular amongst marijuana-based edibles. You can easily rustle up cookies, space cakes, and biscuits in your home. For making brownies, all you’ll need is a suitable brownie mix, pulverized or grounded cannabis extracts, and vegetable oil.

First, mix the extracts with the oil and then pour the oil into the brownie mix. Next, follow the instructions printed on the brownie mix packet, and in no time you’ll be ready to taste some savory brownies.


To prepare cannabis oil for domestic use, you’ll need 5-6 cups of canola or olive oil, cheesecloth, 1ounce of the ground and decarboxylated cannabis, saucepan, bowl, storage container, and strainer. First, heat the oil mildly till you start getting the smell and after that add the cannabis gradually. Continue simmering the concoction for roughly 45 minutes, stirring it frequently.

Remove the saucepan from the oven and let it cool down sufficiently. Filter the concoction slowly via the cheesecloth into the processing bowl.

Squeeze the cloth fully for extracting the entire oil. Transfer the oil to an airtight container and store in the refrigerator for a couple of months.


Cannabis and butter can make a perfect and heady combination. Begin by melting a slab of butter and then add about 1gm of decarboxylated cannabis to it. In due course, the marijuana will fully dissolve in the butter, and then you’d be ready to go.


You can prepare delicious cookies from the leftover pollen pieces in your weed grinder. All you’ll need is cookie dough into which you’ll infuse the kief fragments and put the dough in a microwave. Within half an hour, you’ll be ready to enjoy kief cookies.

Effects of marijuana edibles

Talking about the effects of marijuana edibles, it takes anything from half an hour to one hour for the psychoactive compounds to take effect. The effects start delivering faster when you smoke weed extracts. You may need to consume a very small amount of marijuana (in sharp contrast to the quantity required for toking) for accomplishing an intense high, thanks to the THC delivery mechanism into the bloodstream.

For achieving a strong high from a joint, you may need 500 milligrams of cannabis. Alternatively, consuming just 1 milligram of weed (of course in the processed form) will suffice for an enduring high. If you’re starting with taking cannabis edibles, this dosage will be ideal for you, safeguarding you from the adverse effects of THC overconsumption.

When it comes to relishing cannabis-infused foods, always start small to keep negative effects like nausea or anxiety at bay.

Tips for rustling up delicacies from marijuana

Follow these tips for rustling up delicacies infused with weed:-

1. Decarboxylate cannabis at 340˚F

Since your digestive system cannot decarboxylate marijuana (necessary for releasing THC into the bloodstream), you’ll have to do that externally. What you’ll need to do is preheat the weed at 300˚F for decarboxylating the herb. Bear in mind that the boiling point for weed (THC in fact) is 314F and so be careful not to heat it beyond this temperature.

2. Use high-quality strains

Indica cannabis strains contain a higher concentration of CBD (cannabidiol) that has therapeutic effects. Sativa cannabis strains, on the other hand, have a higher proportion of THC-the principal psychoactive compound that gives you highs. No matter whatever strain you choose for preparing your edibles, make sure the same is of high quality.

3. The proportion matters

Using the right proportion of cannabis is extremely crucial. That said, if you use an anomalously high quantity, you could be reeling from the adverse effects for days. Conversely, if you blend a very small quantity, you may not have any inkling that you are savoring a cannabis-laced edible.

In most of the US states, 10mg of THC happens to be the standard serving size for cannabis edibles.

4. Always clean the weed before use

Ensure to use cannabis that is pure and without impurities. Using low-quality weed will not only taste awful but may also put your health in jeopardy.

5. Better to use a manual grinder than a food processor

Using a hand grinder gives you full control over the herb grounding process. With a mixer grinder or food processor, there’s always the possibility of overdoing it (the pulverization) which could ruin the flavor.

6. Stir uniformly

Stirring the concoction (cannabis or cannabutter) while preparing the same enables uniform distribution of THC throughout the edible.

What to do if you have over consumed weed edibles?

We advise you to stick to the prescribed dosage and strictly follow the usage recommendations. This will ward off possible risks to potential negative effects connected to overconsumption.

For beginners, it’s quite possible to eat more than they could bear. In case that happens, it is advised to drink a glass of water and take a nap. It should be stated that being high is completely different from being drunk. You cannot take a cheeseburger or soda to solve the problem in this case. If you do consume more fat content after being high, you will send yourself on an overdrive.

Instead, it will be better to find an open space and hang out. NEVER combine alcohol and drink water only if you can. Combining alcohol can make the situation verse, and the person will end up feeling bad. However, be assured that there will not be any damage to your organs, and there is no need to go to the emergency room. Be calm and stay relaxed as much as you can.

Concluding Thoughts

Weed Edibles might offer different benefits, which include the reduction of symptoms associated with chronic illness and anxiety. However, it is also possible that these products may lead to side effects, react with other medications, and take a while to kick in. Depending on the place you live, you might be legally allowed to use recreational and medicinal products. However, it is also important to note that you should be purchasing such products from reputed and licensed dispensaries selling products that have been tested for potency and purity.

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