What is Microdosing Marijuana? (weed) And How Do I Get Started?

Have you ever thought about making the best from your “wild hits” without ending stoned, embarrassed, or paranoid? Perhaps, microdosing could be the way out!

Microdosing marijuana is simply consuming marijuana in the smallest amount possible while maintaining a balanced state and reaping the therapeutic value of a dose maximally, without suffering any side effects, such as the psychedelic state of mind you would normally get.

Sounds good, right?

In practice, it involves the mastery of regulating the milligrams, quantity, timing, and the temperature in your chosen mode of Marijuana consumption. There’s a whole lot to it than just having a “microdose”. In this article, we will talk about what microdosing really is and how to start.

Why “Microdosing”?

While there are many “weed fans”, there are many reasons why cannabis enthusiasts consume weed. And many are advocating to use less of THC for a more medicinal approach, which is become more and more trendy.

The fan base is just only increasing with the recent discovery that lower doses of THC combined with a more vibrant cannabinoid profile are most effective for a lot of medical and recreational purposes. That is the ultimate combination right there!

This makes microdosing an inalienable part of cannabis consumption, especially for lovers looking to harvest the optimal benefits of each dose.

No doubt, microdosing cannabis has been mainly associated with the possible mind-altering/ psychedelic side to which THC is a significant ingredient. So it is somewhat tricky to determine the threshold of microdosing because of the several dynamic factors to consider in each person or the kind of consumption they choose to take.

There’s no magic “dosage”, it all depends on the individual.

Despite the dynamics involved, recent research provides some standard directions for both beginner and professional enthusiasts alike to enjoy the optimal benefits of marijuana at every point of their use.

Note: This article includes suggested doses. I am not a doctor and am not held liable for suggested doses. Each person is uniquely crafted to hold an optimal dosage of THC.

Benefits of Microdosing Marijuana

Many people may approach weed consumption with purposeful intent, either to get a medical benefit or just get blatantly high out of their minds. The absence of reliable dosage and ingredient information may turn their experiences toward the south. So start small!


Microdosing marijuana is being explored as a viable treatment for depression, as well as boosting creativity.


If you are someone that struggles with constant anxiety, knots in your stomach, and the battle of thoughts in your head, then this is something that could help you.


While cannabis can help with depression and anxiety, it can also help with inflammation as well as 40 other ailments. Microdosing is great for pain relief and still being able to stay focused on daily tasks. Which brings me to…

You Can Still Function

People that decide to microdose prefer to stay grounded. They desire a soothing solution to undertake their daily life by functioning better at the workplace, social gatherings and even take care of their kids.

Reduces Side Effects

Consuming too much THC can overwhelm the cannabinoid (CB) receptors in the body and overstimulate them into producing paranoia and intoxicating negative effects.

In summary, Microdosing stalls the biphasic effects of cannabis and promotes its therapeutic accuracy as a treatment.

What Conditions Are Suitable For Microdosing Marijuana?

The accurate consumption of THC poses a proven treatment for several ailments such as:

  • Anxiety  
  • Migraine 
  • Stress
  • Chronic pain 
  • ADHD
  • Inflammation
  • Indigestion

THC and other psychedelic extracts have their mood-altering ability to thank for its emotional alleviation, creative inspiration, insights, and different palatable experiences.

Recent studies suggest that microdosing THC concentrates can help overrun the symptom of senility and aging-related memory loss. These studies justify that the introduction of the right psychoactive dose of THC to the minds of the older class can result in social uplifting, thereby making them feel younger, active, and more agile.

How to Get Started With Microdosing?

Microdosing with Concentrates

pot, cannabis, concentrate

Microdosing concentrates most times depend on the mode of consumption. However, for a standard rule, everyone can start with 2 drops/1mg of THC concentrate.

Once you take a dose for the first time, you should wait for about 30 minutes to 1 hour fully to assess how your body responds to the dose.

Where you feel a little lightheadedness, you should reduce your next few doses to one drop to build your tolerance level.

When you are cool with 2 drops for a start, you can increase your doses for the following days with one more drop until you are able to mark your highest threshold. Once you can do so, then congratulations; you just enjoyed your optimal therapeutic dose for that day.

Microdosing With Edibles

Microdosing edibles are somewhat tricky but also the most accurate. Consequently, you will be required to do the following stringently:

Pay attention to the dosage instructions on the product packaging as it will say how much THC is in the edible. Make sure to also take note if it says “per piece” or “per package”.

Make sure you have something in your stomach before going to the next stage.

It is advisable to start with 2.5 mg of THC or 5-10 mg of CBD. 1mg would be more appropriate for the beginner to kick start this test. You may need to split the total edible into equal pieces of 1mg each for edible consumption.

After you eat your edible, wait for an hour or 2 to allow the edible to digest and diffuse into the bloodstream. Many will make the mistake of taking another edible because they think that it’s not doing anything. And then it HITS you. And takes you to another dimension real quick. So don’t underestimate edibles.

Only after an hour can you successfully determine an accurate response to the intake. Depending on the outcome, you can decide to increase your dose or build your tolerance level subsequently.

Microdosing With Cannabis Flower (Smokes And Vape)

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Using vape pens is much preferable to microdose because you can adjust the temperature levels to the lowest heat, unlike its dabbing counterpart.

If you want to get your experiment right, it is also advisable to hold each inhale for about 2 seconds before exhaling, and then wait for 10 minutes and see any physical change before consuming further. The same goes for smoking.

Can I Do This Every Day?

Oh yes! It is possible to microdose every day, but a bit of advice, it’s important that you take it slow and steady. You might want to be more mindful of all precautions and consequences such as dosing on an empty stomach, overindulgence, and inadvertently overdosing. For the sake of the latter, a little bit of prolonged sleep may be all to get you back and bouncing.

Final Thought

Microdosing is an excellent way of reaping the benefits of marijuana without being high as a kite. The most important thing to remember is to find your specific dosage as it depends on person to person. Start small and build your tolerance. The beauty in microdosing is that you can do it on a daily basis to treat ailments without the psychedelic effects of THC.