What on Earth is a Sound Bath?! FAQ- Everything you need to know!

Frequently Asked Questions- All about Sound Baths

Sound healing, also known as sound baths, are increasing in popularity these days and it really isn’t hard to understand why. New technology and methods of testing are able to detect the effectiveness of tried and true methods that actually work, such as sound healing (sound bath). In other words, the ancient methods of using sound frequencies to heal your body and your mind actually work!

Here are a few frequently asked questions about Sound Healing

“I’ve Never Heard Of A Sound Bath, What Is It?”

A sound bath is using sound waves to “bathe’ people, the same way as a water bath except with sound. The principles behind sound bathing are that everything vibrates in our universe. Thus, the natural healing processes of the body are expedited with the right vibrations of different sound waves.

“Can Sound Be Used for Healing?”

Believe it or not, the physical body has more sensitivity to sound than you would ever expect. In utero, your ability to hear is one of the first senses to finish development. Recently, it has been discovered that our physical body responds greatly to the frequencies of sound, even the ones that aren’t audible to us.

“Can Sound Ever Play A Role In Today’s Medical Fields?”

In today’s medical fields, sound waves are already used within the medical field. Various applications of sound have always been found to benefit health. Sound waves are used in the medical field including the use of:

  • Infrared
  • Ultrasound
  • Hypnosis

“Other than audible sound, what other kinds of sound therapy are there?”

For different diseases, one popular treatment is called therapeutic ultrasound, used to:

  • Kill bacteria
  • Aid in liposuction
  • Regenerate bones
  • Clean teeth
  • Cancer
  • Tumors
  • Kidney stones

“Are there people that should avoid sound baths or sound healing?”

People with a condition called thrombosis or are in the first three months of their pregnancy should avoid sound healing or sound baths. Also, if you have devices within your bodies such as a pacemaker, a hearing aid, or metal replacement for your joints, this is something you should speak to your doctor about.

“What Illnesses Can Sound Therapy or Sound Baths Help With?”

Sound baths or sound therapy can help to:

  • Increase blood flow
  • Cancer
  • Issues of digestion
  • Continuous insomnia
  • Brain functions
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Problems with Mobility
  • Pain Reduction
  • Stress Relief

“Why Is Sound Therapy Sometimes Called A Sound Bath?”

The reason that sound therapy is sometimes called a sound bath is due to the fact that it feels like you are bathed in sound. In other words, it is not unlike an actual water bath, except for the fact that it is done with sound.

“Which Sound Is the Best One For Me?”

Determine what your goal is in order to pick the right sound for you. If you are trying to clear your mind, there will be a different sound frequency recommend than when you are attempting to heal your body. Also, it is a good idea to try out different types of music and see which one resonates with your body and mind the most. You will know intuitively which sound is the best one for you.

“How Does A Sound Bath Work?”

The way sound therapy or a sound bath works is each participant lies down on exercise mats and focuses on their breathing while their eyes are closed. When everyone is relaxed and in this position, waves of sound are then played in such a way that it feels like each participant is “bathed” in sound. This sound is conducive to healing and the frequencies emitted help reduce pain and illness.

“When Sound Bathing, In What Brain State Does Healing Actually Occur?”

Healing and restoration of the entire body and mind tend to occur in the deep sleep or “delta” phase of the brain. The body turns on the parasympathetic nervous system when the Relaxation Response is evoked by shifting states of brainwaves inducing relaxation.

“Can You Tell Me More About A Soundbath?”

Once you are relaxed and in a meditative state lying back on a yoga mat, different frequencies of repetitive notes are used. The goal is to avert your focus from your stream of thoughts to the sound itself. The instructor uses sounds from gongs, cymbals, gemstones, crystal bows, or pre-recorded frequencies.

“How Did Sound Baths Originate?”

Using music to heal goes way back. In ancient Greece, the vibration of sound was used to induce sleep, treat the anxiety of the mind, and as a digestive aid. The work called “De Anima” of Aristotle gives details of how the human soul could be purified by the sound of the flute. Aboriginal didgeridoos and singing bowls of Tibet were also used in sound healing in ancient times.

“I Am Interested in Sound Therapy and Keep Hearing the Word ‘Entrainment.’ What Does Entrainment Mean?”

Entrainment is the method used to shift the state of brainwaves. Entrainment provides stable frequencies in order to synchronize brainwaves that fluctuate. Thus, your normal alert state of being in “beta” is transformed into the meditative state of “theta” or even the creative, meditative state of “beta.”

“Can I Include Sound Baths in My Self Care Routine?”

Sound baths are an excellent addition to your regular routine of caring for yourself. You can check your community both online and actual for sound bathing sessions and you can even download apps that are created for the purpose of bathing you with sound.

“How Effective Are Sound Baths, Really?”

With the increase in popularity of using sound baths as an addition to regular therapy or healing sessions with your health care practitioner, it is safe to say that these are effective. There is a lot of science behind sound baths, so yes, it definitely works! After all, they wouldn’t gain this much popularity if it didn’t.

“Will Sound Bathing Work Even If I Fall Asleep?”

Sound bathing uses frequencies that are both audible and non-audible to heal the body and mind. It is not the hearing of the sound that heals but the actual frequency. This means that even while you sleep, the sound frequencies help in healing both your body and your mind.